3 tips to access a mortgage loan being independent

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Although obtaining a mortgage loan is the desire of many, not everyone finds it easy to access it. This is the case of independent workers, which currently only cover 1% of housing loans.

If you want to finance the purchase of a property and are part of the group of independent workers, you should know that it is not impossible to obtain the credit; on the contrary, this year the Government wishes to grant facilities so that it can do so. And to reduce the risks of rejection, keep these tips in mind:

Relate to the credit world

In other words, you must have a history and a good one. That way the financial institution will see that it is a good customer and that there is no greater risk in lending the money. If you have never obtained any financial products, how can banks, savings banks or financial institutions measure risk? Now, if the question is how to build your history, you can apply for a personal loan, a credit card, etc., but the condition is that you must pay everything up to date and without arrears, that way your financial reputation will be optimal.

Open a mortgage savings account. This type of account is intended to demonstrate that the independent worker is able to assume the monthly payments represented by this credit. In this way, you will have to make monthly deposits for a certain time, until you collect what is required by the institution. The requirements vary depending on the option you take, so it is better to be informed and compare before doing so.

That all payments do not exceed 45% of your salary

The income of an independent worker is not fixed, that is, there are months in which he obtains more profits than others, so he should not risk acquiring too many debts in parallel, but encourage savings to be prepared in case of an emergency.

The savings banks present a great alternative when it comes to negotiating mortgage loans with independents, but there are also some banks with attractive proposals. Ideally, before marrying someone, compare the different options using the comparators offered by the web. After all, it will be a debt that will not last a year or two, until more than a decade.