Installment loans online -We specialize in installment loans online for bad credit

If there are negative entries in your credit rating file, you will probably already have problems getting a suitable installment loan. Each bank queries the credit rating file when processing a loan application.

We specialize in installment loans online for bad credit 

As soon as there are negative entries, the customer’s request is usually decided negatively. This is not surprising, after all, the bank wants to be on the safe side and not have to accept credit losses. After all, there is still a solution for you in this situation: the installment loan online for bad credit from site.

As soon as you are in an emergency

There is already someone who would like to take advantage of them. Every day we see advertising on the Internet, on television and also in the print media, in which “immediate money” is promised even with “negative credit rating entries”. But be warned: Usually, a rip-off is hidden behind the promised installment loan without credit rating information.

These “credit intermediaries” promise that they can arrange installment loans without credit rating through foreign banks. Logical common sense should actually turn on at this point because even foreign banks have no money to give away. The rip-offs go even further: they not only distribute empty promises that they cannot keep in practice, 99 percent of the time but also collect expensive fees from those affected – consideration in return!

Should such an installment loan actually come about despite a negative credit rating, you should better prepare yourself for interest rates that border on usury and further worsen your own situation?

Professional loan broker

We recommend that you only work with professional credit intermediaries who have experience in arranging installment loans without credit rating. You can recognize such service providers at first glance by the fact that they do not charge any fees for their activities. Only dubious providers work with advance payments. With a professional credit broker, it is also possible without any problems to make a non-binding preliminary request for an installment loan without a credit rating, without an expensive bill fluttering into the house a few days later.

The lender offers you the opportunity to compare different installment loans without credit rating. Of course, only serious offers are included in the comparison, so you have nothing to fear here.


It is quite possible to find a serious installment loan without a credit rating. However, you should always pay close attention to offers if fees are required in advance. This is not common for loans, even if no credit rating query is made. By the way, such a loan is often not entered in the credit rating file, so that other banks or your employer are not aware of the additional loan.