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Bhopal: Bhopal schools are not taking any risk when it comes to student safety when classes reopen from July 26. Example: About 25,000 teachers out of the 30,000 available teachers have been vaccinated so far in Bhopal district. The majority of the remaining 5,000 teachers have received the first dose of immunization and will receive the second dose soon depending on available time slots.
There are around 2,100 schools (private and public) in Bhopal district. Of these, the largest number of private schools are affiliated with the MP Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE).
The seriousness of the vaccination was such that even several schools did not launch any vaccination programs or pay. School owners said such a level of immunization was important to them because it was about the safety of the students. There are around 1,000 private schools, including 400 high schools and high schools affiliated with the MP Board. The state chairman of the MP Board’s association of private schools, Ajeet Singh, said there were around 15,000 teachers in private schools affiliated with the MP Board. “We have completed the vaccination of over 90% of the teachers. About 13,000 teachers have been vaccinated. Whoever stays will do it soon, ”Singh said. Public schools affiliated to the MP Board are also very present in Bhopal. There are around 1,100 public schools, including 134 high schools and high schools. WD Bhopal, Nitin Saxena said more than 90% of government teachers have been vaccinated so far. “There are about 6,500 teachers in public schools. Of this total, 5,500 teachers have been vaccinated so far.
The CBSE schools operating in Bhopal have also ramped up the vaccination of teachers and reported having vaccinated around 90% of the teaching staff. There are 78 CBSE schools including 25 missionary schools in the state capital. “There are about 3,000 teachers in mission schools that run the state capital. In Bhopal, the rule is to have a minimum of 60 to 65 teachers in a missionary school and there are even more than 160 teachers in a school, ”said Sojan Joseph, secretary of the Bhopal Sahodaya complex.
There are 40 CBSE schools of the Sahodaya group under the Association of Private Unassisted Schools of Madhya Pradesh. “We have around 5,000 teachers and 4,000 teachers have already been vaccinated. The rest will be vaccinated soon, ”said the vice president of the Association of Private Unassisted Schools of Madhya Pradesh.


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