A high school degraded by hate crimes

CLACKAMAS, Ore. (AP) – The principal of Clackamas High School on Monday discovered the school’s front doors covered with Donald Trump stickers and degraded beans, a derogatory symbol against Latinxes.

In a letter to families and students on Monday, Principal Nate Muñoz said the vandalism appeared to have started as a prank, which included throwing toilet paper on trees and writing on sidewalks, The Oregonian reported. / OregonLive.

But he said the vandals also degraded the front doors with beans, stickers and other signs supporting the former president, who made multiple racist comments to and about the Latinxes.

In a video posted to the Clackamas High School Instagram page, Muñoz condemned the hate crime, expressing concern about its impact on students and families of color at the school.

“Families, students, staff – I’m sorry. It’s not something you should ever have to deal with, ”he said. “This type of rhetoric is never welcome at Clackamas High School.”

In the follow-up letter to the families, Muñoz said the school is investigating the incident and plans to file a report with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Matt Utterback, superintendent of the North Clackamas School District, also sent a message to staff, saying the district has a zero-tolerance policy for racism and asking employees to oppose such acts.

Muñoz said the school will hold forums to hear student voices about the incident and continue to teach students about the impact of hate speech.

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