Abortion law and secondary education to be debated by the states of Guernsey

Changes in several major areas of island life will be debated in the States of Guernsey from today (July 14).

Among the items on the agenda are proposals to reform the island’s secondary education system, changes to the abortion law and the possible suspension of a member state.

The main topics of discussion include:

Deputy Chris Le Tissier’s pendant light

MP Chris Le Tissier withdrew from the Guernsey Party earlier this year. Credit: ITV TV channel

Members will vote on whether MP Chris Le Tissier should be suspended for a year without pay.MP Le Tissier resigned from the Guernsey Party last month after being convicted of violating the Guernsey States Code of Conduct.

It was admitted that he brought the States into disrepute after being linked to an anonymous Twitter account using a pseudonym.A report on MP Le Tissier’s behavior concluded that the “offensive, sexualized” language he used was “totally unacceptable”.In March, a code of conduct committee recommended his deportation. However, a new panel advised a one-year suspension following an appeal by MP Le Tissier – who called his sentence “disproportionate and draconian”.

Changes to the abortion law in Guernsey

Two MPs want to suspend the new abortion law to allow for more consultation, angering women’s rights activists. Credit: ITV TV channel

Last year, MPs agreed to update Guernsey’s abortion law by voting to extend the abortion deadline from 12 to 24 weeks.This debate had to validate what had been agreed by the previous government.However, two MPs, Carl Meerveld and Liam McKenna, want the legislation to be suspended to allow for more consultation, angering women’s rights activists.

Changes to the current abortion law 1997 approved by MPs last year include:

  • Eliminate the need for two doctors to certify an abortion.

  • Increase Guernsey’s gestation limits in line with those of England.

  • Remove criminal penalties for women with regard to terminating or attempting to terminate their own pregnancy.

  • Allow early medical abortion procedures to take place at the woman’s home.

The future of secondary education in Guernsey

The Deputies will decide whether to adopt the Proposals from the Committee on Education, Sport and Culture on the future of secondary and post-16 education in Guernsey.Plans call for three 11-16 schools, a new sixth-grade center and the closure of La Mare de Carteret high school.The committee’s recommendations suggest instead using the Varendes, Beaucamps and St Sampson schools.

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