Art is magic, cinema the magician to blur the lines of reality and fantasy says Imtiaz Ali at Chandigarh University, Gharuan

Acclaimed director Imtiaz Ali interacts with film studies students, aspiring filmmakers and actors Ali discusses the finer nuances of cinema, current industry trends, his trip to Bollywood during the 2nd Music Festival and film by Chandigarh CHANDIGARH, India, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “Art transcends the boundaries of reality and fantasy and when you leave out logic in art, the magic happens,” remarked Imtiaz Ali. The acclaimed director, producer, actor and writer, discussed the finer nuances of cinema, current trends in the film industry as well as his Bollywood journey in a candid conversation on the sidelines of the second edition of Chandigarh Music and Film Festival, which started at the University of Chandigarh, Gharuan.

The annual two-day Chandigarh Music and Film Festival (CMFF) kicked off at Chandigarh Gharuan University, featuring renowned filmmakers and artists from the Hindi film industry, including Imtiyaz Ali, Saurabh Shukla, Abhishek Dudhia among others enlightened the audience with their ideas on art.

No less than 150 short films made by film school students are screened during the festival, which also witnessed Imtiyaz Ali’s talk show with journalist and lead author Kaveree Bamzai and interaction with the University Institute of Film and Media Studies; giving insight into the finer nuances of cinema, current trends in the film industry as well as his journey in Bollywood.

Speaker of Punjab Legislative Assembly S. Kultar Singh Sandhwan was the chief guest while S. Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor of Chandigarh University was the special guest at the inaugural ceremony which also included famous celebrities like Akhilender Mishra, Rana Jung Bahadur, KC Bokadia, Preeti Sapru, Saurabh Shukla, Gavy Chahal, Duleep Singh, Dev Sharma, Dilip Sen, Darshan Aulakh and several other eminent personalities.

Speaking on the occasion, famous actress Preeti Sapru said that Punjab deserved to prosper in such a way that one should not even think of leaving this great country for another country.

”There is no Punjab without Punjabi. We must preserve all the good things in our history and contribute to their preservation,” she said, adding that Satnam Singh Sandhu’s efforts in promoting Punjabi art and culture were enormous and would help greatly to its preservation.

In his address, S. Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor of the University of Chandigarh, said: “Cinema is the medium of expression of ideas and thoughts. It is therefore important that art in the form of cinema is preserved and promoted, and with this in mind, festivals like these take on greater importance. Although this gathering does not do justice to the stars present here, I propose that a larger festival be organized later this year, with 50,000 participants to be inspired by these personalities. ” During the special session of interaction with the students of the University Institute of Film and Media Studies, which was moderated by journalist and lead author Kaveree Bamzai, Ali spoke at length about the underlying themes of his films, his relationship with the script, the music and actors, in addition to advising budding filmmakers in the audience with his rich experiences. .

When asked to express his views on the importance of cinema in the art world, Ali said that the boundaries of reality and fantasy can only be transcended through art.

”When you leave out logic in art, the magic happens. And the cinema is this magician who blurs the tracks by linking the public beyond the borders of reality and fantasy. Cinema is not only something you can think or express, but also something you cannot understand,” Ali said.

Stating that some fragments of his works are related to his life, Ali also stressed the importance of enjoying the journey rather than reaching a destination. ”Imtiaz of today and Imtiaz of twenty years ago felt the same. I’m still in the middle of a journey and I’m enjoying it more than ever,” he added.

Responding to a student about whether he tried to ‘make fun of the system’ with Tamasha and whether the character of Ranbir carrying an ID card was a ‘symbolism of slavery’, Ali said it’s our power to rationalize and think that separates humans from animals and so we have to ask ourselves if the system we are part of is good or not.

”We sit at the University of Chandigarh and here too everyone carries an ID card and is administered by a system. But this system is good, it is positive and it does not enslave any of us. In fact, he sets us free with education. So we have to reflect and rationalize whether the system we are part of is good or does it need improvements,” he explained. ”I’m so happy that this film festival organized by the University of Chandigarh allows to have discussions about cinema, genres and characters, in such detail. The points of view are varied and the discussions are deep and elaborate. This is something rare and the organizers deserve all the praise for putting on a great show,” Ali said.

Ali suggested the students of the University Institute of Film and Media Studies in Chandigarh to train as much as possible for a successful career in the industry. ”Training is a lifelong process. You will always be distracted by superficial things like appearance and body, but it’s important that you stay focused on learning and growing as an actor or director,’ he said.

About Chandigarh University Chandigarh University is an NAAC A+ university and a UGC-approved autonomous educational institution. It is located near Chandigarh, in the state of Punjab. It is the youngest university in India and the only private university in Punjab to have received an A+ rating from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). CU offers over 109 UG and PG programs in engineering, management, pharmacy, law, architecture, journalism, entertainment, hospitality management, business, and others . It was awarded as the university with the best placements by the WCRC.

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