Bismarck Public School Buses Avoid High Gas Prices

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – High gasoline prices are on everyone’s mind. Many people have struggled to make room within tight budgets for higher prices at the pump. With today’s gas prices at record highs, everyone, including businesses, has had to look into how $4 gas affects their budgets.

Public schools in Bismarck are somewhat immune to the sharp jump we have recently seen. The school district may purchase gasoline and diesel in large quantities. So the fuel they use now was purchased at a lower price than what we pay at the pump.

“It probably doesn’t affect us as much as, you know, an individual. We buy fuel by tank truck, we have two big ones, we have a tank of diesel and a tank of gasoline in our transport facilities, and since we buy so much at a time, we get wholesale prices. We are monitoring it though,” said Darin Scherr, director of business and operations for BPS.

Although they get fuel at a lower cost, bus drivers are very keen to ensure that the gasoline in their vehicles’ tanks goes as far as possible through the policies they apply.

“We also do other things, like we have a no inactivity policy. When the temperature is warm enough, there is no reason for a bus, for example, to idle. So we make sure they’re off, so we’re saving gas and diesel there,” Scheer added.

On top of all this, every route the buses take is strategically mapped out, ensuring that each path is the most efficient. It also helps when activities, such as state tournaments, are held locally, saving the school district not only on fuel, but also on hotel rooms and meals.

They said being more fuel efficient is always a priority. In this way, more resources can be devoted to academic activities. Electric buses may not be too far for Bismarck Public Schools, they are waiting to see if the infrastructure is ready to support this move, but until then they are replacing older buses with more efficient ones thanks to community grants.

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