‘Built by Gavit’: Local family has five high school loving couples and decades of memories | Local education

The beloved student lounge was still in Gavit when she went there, but the place that stands out in Amy’s mind is room 120, Mr. Bradkey’s room. The rooms were renumbered at some point after graduation, but at the time, this was where he taught business math – a “horrible” subject, in his opinion – and made it fun.

She laughed the most in her class because of the awkward way he called people whether they wanted to or not. To this day, she and Tom still joke about it.

Their kids don’t attend Gavit because they moved to Lowell, but Amy said she wished they had experienced it too. She is grateful that Gavit started her life, her marriage and her family.

“We say ‘Gavit-built’, because we are, basically,” she said.

Tracy and Dan Igras, class of 1992

Jack and Gayle’s second child, Tracy, also went to Gavit for high school after attending a Catholic school.

It was especially fun for her because she was in first grade when Amy was in her senior year, so she showed her the ropes of public school. Tracy played sports just like Amy, but said she mainly participated in socializing.

Tracy and her husband, Dan – who have been married for over 25 years – started dating in their first year after meeting in a graphic arts class.

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