Carousel Digital Signage unites teachers and students at Grandview High School

Rural Washington State High School Optimizes Communications and Engagement in Challenging Hybrid Education Model

GRANDVIEW, WASHINGTON, June 1, 2021 – Carousel Digital Signage has helped optimize communications between students and faculty at Grandview High School as they operate in a blended learning model. Grandview High has deployed a Carousel Cloud digital signage network in combination with Carousel Express Players to deliver targeted messages to those on campus, while engaging those who continue to attend home classes.

Located in the farming town of Grandview, Washington, Grandview High School has a robust extracurricular schedule. Students have access to after-school programs focused on agriculture, athletics, business and entrepreneurship, directory planning and building, and family and consumer science. The school also publishes its own newspaper.

Brad Charvet, a teacher who is also the school’s AV manager, explains that his initial plan was to deploy a digital signage solution that allowed targeted messaging to be delivered to specific levels, classrooms and areas. For example, athletes would have access to team news and updates throughout the sports department, and cafeteria screens would display the day’s lunch menu and school news. Because Grandview High has a sizable student population for whom English is a second language, Charvert was also looking for a solution that facilitates the dissemination of relevant information in Spanish.

This deployment was part of a larger project: the move from Grandview High to a larger building, a project that had been scheduled long before the arrival of Covid-19. The pandemic struck as students and teachers moved into their new school, forcing everyone to work and learn from home. The school has since reopened, once again welcoming around 600 students to campus, and another 400 continue to take distance education.

“Digital signage became an essential communication tool for us as we returned to school,” said Charvet. “We had to provide information on health and safety rules to students, staff and parents who would be in the building. “One example is in our stairwells, where displays tell students and visitors how and where to get around to respect distancing measures. “

The school’s Carousel Cloud digital signage network, integrated with BrightSign media players, delivers content to 23 video screens positioned throughout the school. Charvet notes the convenience of a cloud-based system: “If I’m working from home, or wherever I am, I can log in and edit content,” he said. “There are no limits and we don’t have to deal with them.

Teachers have found great value in Carousel Express readers, which extend digital signage messaging beyond location-based endpoints. This allows them to deliver more targeted content to all of their students, regardless of where they learn in class or at home. Software-defined players are deployed alongside Carousel Cloud on the school’s existing IT infrastructure and enable the distribution of specific content channels to desktops, laptops and tablets. Charvet says this has made the morning announcements much simpler.

“With Carousel Express players, each teacher receives links to announcements that apply to their individual classes,” says Charvet. “We analyze information specific to the ninth, tenth and eleventh grade theaters on different channels. Students are given the information that pertains to them instead of spending 25 minutes browsing through advertisements, many of which are not specifically relevant to them. Remote students can access this same information on their own devices at home.

“The functionality of Carousel Cloud is phenomenal in terms of allowing me to deliver content to the right areas throughout the building, and the templates are a big help,” Charvet said. “Express Players are great for delivering more individualized messages, like the manager has an ad that only pertains to seniors, for example. “

Currently, Grandview High operates six Carousel Cloud channels, but Charvet predicts that number will grow exponentially in the near future. He adds that he will also continue to evolve the way he uses the network, including more real-time updates on the latest school news that will be of interest to students and teachers.

“This building is much bigger and we will have to increase the number of ads that we show in different areas,” he said. “And once the restrictions are lifted and the sports teams can get to the away games, I can provide updates to everyone on campus, which is good for the spirit of the school. With Carousel Cloud, it’s easy to scale our network and improve our real-time messaging capabilities.

Charvet reiterates that Carousel Cloud’s targeting capabilities provide the most immediate value. “I can schedule specific content to run on specific screens, sit down and let it go out automatically.” he said. “Instead of just spreading mass information, we try to target the content to areas of the building where we know it will reach the right students. “

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