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Groundbreaking program gives incarcerated people the chance to get a college degree

Miami, July 5, 2022 – Miami Dade College (MDC) is about to graduate 19 students under the Second Chance Pell Experiment (SCP)a program of US Department of Education which provides Pell Grants to those imprisoned so that they can pursue post-secondary education. Graduates will receive their diploma at a ceremony to be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26, at the Everglades Correctional Facility. Workplaces must be pre-approved to enter the facility.

MDC was first selected to participate in the program in 2020. After months of preparation, including recruiting and training faculty, enrolling students, processing admissions, and financial aid, the College launched its first semester of teaching in January 2021.

Over five semesters, students took 12 to 13 credits each term to complete a 20-course curriculum that included English, math, college preparation, social studies, philosophy, chemistry, Spanish, social studies and more.

The program reflects some of the standard schooling arrangements available at MDC, with most classes delivered face-to-face and students working with the Blackboard learning management system to submit assignments and take assessments. In-class sessions via Zoom are also available for teachers who cannot travel to the correctional facility; however, most of the courses offered in the last five semesters have been taught by professors on a weekly basis to teach in person.

The program was a resounding success, with the first cohort achieving an average GPA of 3.75. and students are recognized for their academic success, as was the case with larry fordhamwho was selected for a Academic Excellence Award in Social Sciences in April 2022. Fordham has just been released from prison after serving 32 years.

“Dr. Brantley and I established the Institute for Educational Empowerment (IEE) at MDC in 2015 after discovering the limited post-secondary education opportunities available to the more than 90,000 people incarcerated in state or federal prison in Florida” , said Professor Samantha Carlo. “As teachers committed to the mission of MDC, we believe that education is the great equalizer. Receiving an education while incarcerated can help overcome many of the barriers presented to returning citizens, paving the way to a prosperous future for our students, while improving the communities in which we live.

After earning associate degrees, graduates of the program are eligible to enroll in MDC’s bachelor’s degree program in supervision and management, which begins again in August 2022.

The program continues at MDC with a second SCP cohort that began classes in January. The College is already working on the selection and admission of the third batch of students which will begin in January 2023. The MDC is also expanding the program to other Florida correctional facilities as well in January of next year.

The SCP program at MDC is possible thanks to the dedicated work of Dr. Minca Davis-Brantley, Professor Samantha Carlo and the Second Chance Pell team. Since 2013, Professors Davis-Brantley and Carlo have worked diligently to bring the Pell program to fruition. The faculty has established essential working relationships with key partners and has been at the forefront of securing grants to help supplement the administrative costs associated with running the program.

The Second Chance Pell Experience was established in 2015 by the Obama-Biden administration to provide Pell Grants to incarcerated individuals to enable them to participate in post-secondary education programs. To date, students have obtained more than 7,000 identifiers, learning new skills and improving their chances of success through initiative. Select colleges and universities partner with federal and state correctional facilities in nearly all 50 states to enroll thousands of incarcerated students in education and training programs. The vast majority of schools selected are public two- and four-year institutions. For more information, visit

WHAT: Second Chance Pell Experience Graduation

WHEN: Tuesday July 26 at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Everglades Correctional Institution, 1599 SW 187e Av.

For more information on the upcoming SCP Graduationplease contact Professor Samantha Carlo at 305-237-8072,

Mobile phones banned in schools and colleges in Narail Sat, 02 Jul 2022 09:35:00 +0000

Authorities have banned mobile phones from all schools, colleges and madrasas in Narail.

Narail District Education Officer SM Syedur Rahman issued guidelines in this regard on June 28, a copy of which was received by school authorities last Thursday (June 30).

A parent-teacher meeting in the presence of students will be held on this subject in each educational institution in the district after the Eid-ul-Azha holidays.

The development comes days after the assault on Swapan Kumar Biswas, acting principal of Mirzapur United Degree College in the district.

Education department officials will monitor the progress of the implementation of the guidelines when inspecting educational institutions, the notice reads.

Disciplinary action will be taken against all concerned if a student is found carrying a mobile phone during the inspection, he added.

On June 18, Principal Swapan Kumar was forced to wear a garland of shoes around his neck after a tense situation centered on a Facebook post about Nupur Sharma, spokesperson for India’s ruling BJP party.

Some students and locals have accused Swapan of supporting the student who posted a photo of controversial former BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Facebook.

They also torched a motorcycle prohibiting government work in the area in the presence of local police.

Swapan Kumar Biswas was seen apologizing with clasped hands at the time of the assault in a video that circulated later in the day following a day of protests and violence at Mirzapur United Degree College.

Speaking to The Business Standard, Swapan Kumar said he had asked a few teachers for help but they played a silent role.

“When students informed me about the incident in the morning, I called three teachers and discussed the matter with them. One of them was a member of the board of directors and the other was Akther Hossain Tinku , the president of the local Awami League unit.

“In case of anything untoward, I usually inform these three teachers first. I discussed the matter of informing the local police outpost, but they said nothing and stayed quiet,” he said.

Tinku denied the allegation saying he agreed to go to the police and make sure the student who posted the message was punished.

Before any action could be taken, locals, students and students from a nearby madrasa gathered at the school premises.

Swapan said at the time that he called the chairman of the college board, a member of parliament and others, but none came to his aid.

The crowd set fire to three motorcycles, including Swapan’s.

Police later arrived and took the principal into custody. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of police, Swapan was still beaten by the mob and forced to put on the shoe garland.

New college in Nagaland is committed to getting students off the beaten track | MorungExpress Wed, 29 Jun 2022 18:16:04 +0000

CM Neiphiu Rio and others after unveiling the cornerstone of Norman Putsure College on June 29. (Morung Photo)

CM Rio inaugurates the Norman Putsure College

News Morung Express
Chümoukedima | June 29

With its motto, “Think Bright”, a new college in Nagaland was inaugurated on June 29, promising to offer “the best of Western-style education”, but rooted in traditional Naga values.

The Norman Putsure College (NPC) was officially opened by the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio, when he unveiled the foundation stone here today in Ward 10, Chümoukedima.

The college was established in memory of the late Norman Putsure, IAS, by his wife and children to “fulfill his dream of educating young people.” He died in 2012 while serving as Commissioner and Secretary for Social Welfare in the Government of Nagaland and Team Leader of the Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA).

Speaking on the occasion, NPC President Aseiu Putsure said that everything good in life takes time to come true and it took about 4 to 5 years for the college to take form.

The only son of Late Putsure and a software engineer and real estate developer based in Pennsylvania, United States of America, he expressed hope that “with God, hard work and brilliant thinking” something good would happen. with the opening of the college.

Aseiu’s sister and Vice President, NPC, Seyievinuo Putsure also highlighted how her father’s love for Nagas was instilled in his three children. The CEO of Seyie Design thus implied that the creation of the college was a way of contributing to society and that it was a privilege.

In her introduction to the college, NPC Chief Executive Officer Saneinuo Putsure said the college was established to keep her father’s value for education alive. She also recalled how her father always emphasized finding talent first and contributing to the world, adding: That’s what NPC is all about.

We believe that every student has the opportunity to excel, but the first step is to find what we are good at, noted the educator, adding, “With proper guidance, anyone can find careers that fit. to his gifts, which makes the job fun and enjoyable.

The college’s motto, ‘Think Bright’, aims to inspire the student to choose the right path and be in the light, an essence of society and not liabilities, she added, as its teaching gravitates around the ability of students to solve problems through criticism and creativity. thinking.

The use of yellow as a theme for NPCs in the college uniform as well as in buildings and the like is to remind students to always think clear and choose light, she added.

She also recalled how in 2015 she was an ignorant college graduate but knew her talent lay in education. While sharing this with her late mother, she said that the latter enthusiastically suggested starting an educational institution. “Since then, our family discussed the project and first laid the groundwork in December 2017, and haven’t looked back since,” she added.

According to the NPC, the college’s mission is “to create a place of learning where students can freely discover, express and apply their talents” and students would be “trained to discover their God-given talents, develop their skills and step out of beaten track.

In his speech, Chief Minister Rio said it was an institution worthy of the “memory of a person as dear as Late Norman”.

He was a man of vision. As a bureaucrat, wherever he was, he always worked in mission mode. Whatever mission was given to him, whether official or personal, his approach was always to see challenges in a positive light, Rio recalled.

On a personal note, Rio said he was a childhood friend of the late Norman and had studied at the same college in Darjeeling, and the latter was his best man on his wedding day.

“I later entered politics as he was inducted into government service and we continued to serve our people in different capacities,” he added.

Rio appreciated the efforts of his late wife Akruzo, children and family members for establishing this college in his memory “allowing us to celebrate the life of the late Norman.”

“Although he left us too soon, his good deeds and his legacy will live on with us,” he added.

Any institution or movement must be based on solid principles and clear guidelines. And I am aware that this has been the APN’s approach, he further noted.

Rio also encouraged students to make the best use of the facilities provided in the halls of an institution striving to give the best modern education rooted in traditional values.

He also asked the teaching faculty to encourage students to leave this college “inspired” to face a bright future tomorrow.

Currently, the NPC offers a Bachelor of Arts course for Honors and General students.

Gujarat College Principal Urges Students to Become BJP ‘Page Pramukhs’; Congress takes action Mon, 27 Jun 2022 10:50:13 +0000

Bhavnagar: The headmaster of a women’s college in the city of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, has issued an order for his female students to become ‘page pramuks‘ (Voters list page in charge at stand) of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The local Congress unit denounced the move and attacked the BJP for using these educational institutions to pursue their political goals, while the trust that runs the institution said it had quit.

In an order dated June 24, Ranjanbala Gohil, the Principal in charge of Smt NC Gandhi and Smt BV Gandhi Mahila Arts and Commerce College in Bhavnagar, asked all students living within the civic boundaries of Bhavnagar to come with a photo passport size and carry cell phones. become ‘page pramukh‘ of the BJP.

“Each student must bring their passport-size photo tomorrow to register as a page pramukh in the BJP party. Only students living within the boundaries of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation can become members. In order to join the BJP party membership drive, every student must come to the university tomorrow with a mobile phone,” the order reads.

College administrator Dhiren Vaishnav said the order was brought to his attention on June 26, Sunday evening, after which he immediately discussed it with his fellow administrators and contacted Gohil.

“All the institutes of the Bhavnagar Stree Kelavani Mandal Trust focus on development and educational activities and do not associate themselves with any political agenda. The headmistress in charge accepted her mistake and told us that she had no personal interest in enrolling students as BJP members,” Vaishnav said.

“There was no external or internal pressure on her to resign. But she asked the Trust to release her from her responsibilities and resigned,” he added.

Meanwhile, Prakash Vaghani, leader of the Bhavnagar Municipal Unit of the Congress, said: “The BJP talks about being the biggest political party in the world. It is now clear how he got so big. It is not the only institute. There are many other institutes working under the BJP, and the party controls them.

Assembly polls will be held later this year and the BJP, which has ruled the state for 27 years, has embarked on a primary membership drive.


Finding a Teaching Job in Montana Sat, 25 Jun 2022 04:05:19 +0000 Do you want to work as a teacher in the great state of Montana? If so, you’ve come to the right place. A short article on the processes to become a teacher in Montana can be found below.

Step 1: Complete an approved teacher preparation program

To teach in any state, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Montana educators must have licensure in addition to a bachelor’s degree. Completion of an elementary educator preparation program is required for elementary level approval. Students must complete an education major or minor from an NCATE or state-approved institution or university to acquire high school grades.

Additional grades in primary educationhigh school English/language arts, high school math, high school history, and high school science require at least 16 credits in a higher education program at least 40 semester credits in an extended major, or 30 semester credits in a sanctioned major plus 20 semester credits in a sanctioned minor. Student teaching or another sort of recognized teaching experience is required in Montana educator training programs.

Curriculum and on-the-job experiences are the two main components of teacher education programs. Instructions on teaching basic skills, pedagogy (the science of teaching), and training students to research, design, and execute learning experiences in their field of study are often included in the program. Field observations, internships, teaching students, or a combination of the three are common field experiences. The Montana Office of Public Instruction’s Educator Preparation and Accreditation website has a list of recognized educator preparation programs.

Step 2: Pass the required exams

To obtain a Class 2 educator license in Montana, educators must pass the Praxis II test. You must complete specific courses and assessments, as well as an authorized teacher education program, to receive your Montana teaching license. Both levels of licensing in Montana include the Class 2 standard Certificate for entry-level educators with a bachelor’s degree who have completed a licensed educator education program, and the Class 1 Professional Certificate is for experienced educators with an undergraduate degree who have completed an accredited educator education program. Both certifications are valid for five years and can be renewed.

Step 3: Submit an application for a Montana teaching credential.

You can apply for a Montana Educator’s License using the following application, Application for a Montana Educator License in Class 1, 2, or 3, if you have completed all of your educational commitments, completed your teaching requirements, and passed all appropriate examinations. Send the application and documentation to Montana Office of Public Instruction, Attn: Educator Licensure, PO Box 202501, Helena, MT 59620-2501.

17th Academic Week Celebration Ends – The Sangai Express Thu, 23 Jun 2022 18:21:33 +0000

By our journalist
IMPHAL, June 23: The closing ceremony of the celebration of the XVII Academic Week of RK Sanatombi Devi College of Education was held today at its premises in Asha Jina Complex.
Wangkhei A/C MLA Thangjam Arunkumar, RK Sanatombi Devi Director of Educational Institutions Jina Thongram and Commissioner of Tourism Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jha graced the office as Chief Guest, Chairman and Guest of Honor respectively.
Speaking at the ceremony, MP Arunkumar emphasized the need to acquire academic skills and knowledge in education.
Affirming that education is the backbone of society, Arunkumar opined that education will be incomplete if students are not nurtured with the acquisition of academic skills and knowledge.
He added that he will propose to the Minister of Education to ensure that the state education system emphasizes skills and academic learning.
While praising the contribution of RK Sanatombi Devi College of Education in the education sector of the state, the MP requested the teachers and staff of the same institution to continue working to produce productive students.
Delivering a presidential speech, Jina Thongram affirmed that the students of RK Sanatombi Devi educational institution have excelled in imparting B.ED and M.ED in the state since its inception.
She also expressed her satisfaction with the concerted efforts of teachers, staff and students of RK Sanatombi Devi educational institutions to move the educational institution forward.
While stating that the educational institutions of RK Sanatombi Devi have been opened with the aim of contributing to society, the director added that another educational institution of RK Sanatombi Devi will soon be established in Jiribam in consideration of the requirement for good educational institutes in remote areas. The main highlights of the function included carrying out a review of the university week and distributing prizes to winners at festival events. ]]> The National Juneteenth Museum takes shape in Fort Worth Sun, 19 Jun 2022 19:41:32 +0000

In 2016, at age 89, Opal Lee walked from her home in Fort Worth to Washington, D.C. to help make Juneteenth a federal holiday, which it finally did in 2021. And for nearly 20 years, she operated a modest Juneteenth Museum at a property on Rosedale Street, which also served as a filming location for the 2020 film “Miss Juneteenth”.

But Lee, now 95 and known as “Juneteenth’s grandmother” — or more affectionately as “Ms. Opal” — wanted a more permanent institution that would commemorate the holiday that celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. United.

That vision is getting closer to reality as plans move forward for the National Juneteenth Museum, a $70 million project that aims to put a shovel in the ground before the end of the year and open in time for the holidays. Juneteenth in 2024.