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When Ahmed Muhammad first heard that he had been named the 2021 Class Promotion Major at Oakland Technical High School, he was understandably elated.

“I was so happy! The first thing I did was hug my parents and my sister. A lot of people put a lot of effort into my education, and being a promotion major was a beautiful symbol. to show for that, ”he said -old TODAY via email.

Ahmed Muhammad is the first black major in the history of his school.Courtesy of Ahmed Muhammad

Upgrading all your classmates is a big deal, but the recent farewell speech was remarkable for another major reason: he is the first black male major in the 106-year history of his school.

Though he feels proud of his accomplishments, the California resident can’t help but wonder why it took so long for a black student to earn his school’s prestigious honor.

“Oakland Tech is the largest public school in central Oakland, so it’s honestly sad that I’m the first. I shouldn’t be the first,” he wrote. “To me, all of the thousands of people who came before me, who all had the ability but didn’t have the opportunity, who all paved the way for me and my generation, are the real valedictors. am just the first to officially own the title. “

It’s a message Muhammad reiterated in his inspiring farewell speech when he swore he “wouldn’t be the last” black man to take first place in his school. Throughout his speech, the 18-year-old also pointed out the challenges his classmates have faced in recent years and compared them to butterflies who have undergone an incredible transformation.

“I really wanted the speech to be as unique as possible for our promotion, which is why I focused on everything that we have overcome,” he explained. “My kindergarten graduation speech was also a butterfly analogy, and I thought it would be a good time to try and fit it into my high school graduation speech, while simultaneously acknowledging the seriousness of our trip. “

The graduate also praised all those who came before him who “had the ability but didn’t have the opportunity.”

“I owe it to them to appreciate this story made by the people who put me in this position. We owe it to them to make sure that even though I am the first black youth to be a valedictorian at our school, I will not be. the last, he said during his speech.

Muhammad ended his high school career with a GPA of 4.73 Courtesy of Ahmed Muhammad

Muhammad ended his high school career with a GPA of 4.73 and challenged himself to take several courses at various colleges in addition to his regular course load, which included several advanced level courses. He was also a member of his school’s varsity basketball team.

The smart teenager, who applied to 11 colleges and was accepted into each, will be going to Stanford University in the fall and he’s already set some goals for himself.

“My goal for college is to learn as much as possible and apply my education to creating something lasting and impactful. I don’t know yet what that would be, but I hope this next education step will be a next step to be equipped to contribute to the world around me, ”he added.

Muhammad gave an inspiring speech at his graduation ceremony. Courtesy of Ahmed Muhammad

When asked to describe Muhammad, Oakland Unified School District superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell called him an “incredible young man” and applauded his hard work and extracurricular activities.

“We are very proud of Ahmed’s history as Oakland Tech’s first black major over its 106-year history, and we know he will take the shine of Oakland with him as he he will tackle his next academic challenge at Stanford University, “Johnson-Trammell told TODAY via email.

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San Bernardino Aquinas High School President retires – San Bernardino Sun http://woonsockethigh.org/san-bernardino-aquinas-high-school-president-retires-san-bernardino-sun/ http://woonsockethigh.org/san-bernardino-aquinas-high-school-president-retires-san-bernardino-sun/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 06:56:15 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/san-bernardino-aquinas-high-school-president-retires-san-bernardino-sun/

Jim Brennan, president of Aquinas High School in San Bernardino, retires on June 30, 2021. Brennan has served more than 50 years in Catholic education. (Photo by Nick Karavedas, Aquinas High School)

Aquinas High School, a Catholic high school in San Bernardino, recently announced that Jim Brennan, who has served as its president since 2010, will retire on June 30.

Christopher Barrows, who has been principal of Aquinas since 2011, will be the school’s new president.

Brennan began her career in Catholic education in 1969 as a teacher at St. Louis School in Chicago. He became co-principal of St. Joseph’s School in Libertyville, Ill. In 1975 and was principal of various Catholic schools until 1995 when he became Deputy Superintendent in the Diocese of San Jose , according to a press release.

He joined the Diocese of San Bernardino as Superintendent of Catholic Schools in 1998, then headed the School of the Sacred Heart in Palm Desert from 2004 to 2008.

In 2008, he became vice president of Catholic Educational Services, a consulting company supporting Catholic schools.

Christopher Barrows, who has served as principal of Aquinas High School in San Bernardino since 2011, will be the school’s new president, succeeding Jim Brennan, who retires on June 30, 2021. (Photo by Nick Karavedas, Aquinas High School)

Brennan has been President of Aquinas High School since 2010, and during his tenure enrollment increased and the school secured grants that funded the San Manual Performing Arts Center, the renovated Aquinas Gogo Gymnasium, and the new Lemann Leadership. Center, according to the news. Release.

Christopher Barrows, the school’s new president, began his tenure at Aquinas as a teacher in 2000. He was appointed deputy principal in 2007 and principal in 2011.

Amanda Egan, who has been Deputy Director since 2016, has been appointed the new Director effective July 1. Egan graduated from Aquinas in 2000 and has been on the school’s faculty since 2007. She has taught English and Journalism and in 2012 became a school. advise.

Aquinas High School is located at 2772 Sterling Ave., San Bernardino. For more information call 909-886-4659 or go to www.aquinashs.net.

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Eastpointe high school student accused as adult of stabbing classmate http://woonsockethigh.org/eastpointe-high-school-student-accused-as-adult-of-stabbing-classmate/ http://woonsockethigh.org/eastpointe-high-school-student-accused-as-adult-of-stabbing-classmate/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 13:22:06 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/eastpointe-high-school-student-accused-as-adult-of-stabbing-classmate/

MOUNT CLEMENS, MI – A 15-year-old Eastpoint High School student has been charged as an adult after he allegedly stabbed another student last week at the school.

The Macomb County District Attorney’s Office said on Wednesday it had authorized an adult arrest warrant against the teenager on a charge of assault with intent to murder. The teenager was arraigned in the 38th District Court where the bond was set at $ 500,000 in cash, bail, with the condition of a GPS tether if the bond is posted and the teenager is released, according to a press release from County Attorney’s Office Peter Lucido.

The charges stem from a June 1 incident at schools where the suspect allegedly stabbed another student multiple times before running away from the school and being pursued by police. The victim in the case is said to have sustained non-life threatening injuries from the stabbings and is expected to recover. The victim and the teenager accused of stabbing him knew each other according to the police.

The identity of the two students has not been made public.

In the statement from Lucido’s office, the department reminded people that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, but also added that “this charge today should be a warning to all students in Macomb County. that violent acts of this nature, whether against another student or member staff, will never be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Michigan lottery winner found dead in Tittabawassee River

Bo Schembechler’s son says he was abused by former Michigan doctor and told his father

Michigan firefighters rescue baby raccoon stuck in sewer cover

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Mike Candrea High School Coach Tree http://woonsockethigh.org/mike-candrea-high-school-coach-tree/ http://woonsockethigh.org/mike-candrea-high-school-coach-tree/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 04:07:20 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/mike-candrea-high-school-coach-tree/

Mike Candrea with former Arizona star and current Wildcat club development manager Callista Balko Elmore, former Wildcat and Mountain View coach Jill Malina and former Wildcat and Tucson High coach Danielle Rodriguez. (Photo Danielle Rodriguez)

Former University of Arizona softball star Kristie fox was named Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year this spring, UNLV Coach and Caitlin Lowe is ready to return to the Wildcat program. There are several other standout alumni of the Mike candrea coaching tree in the college ranks but let’s take a look at the high school level:

Stacy Engel Iveson: Salpointe (1993 State Champion)
Amy Baray Rocha: Salpointe (State Championships 2018, 2019, 2021. Vice-champion 2015)
Jody Miller-Pruitt: Sunrise Mountain (2013 State Champion; 2004, 2012, 2017 finalist)

Candace Abrams, Catalina Foothills
Laura Espinoza-Watson, Empire
Amy Chellevold Hillenbrand, Canyon del Oro
Jill Malina, Mountain View Marana
Stacy Redondo, Salpointe
Danielle Rodriguez, Tucson

Jackie Coburn, Horizon
Tanya Farhat-Villarreal, West Bend (WI) Slinger
Krista Humphreys, Centennial Corona (CA)
Amy Rocha, Salpointe
Jody Pruitt, Sunrise Mountain


Former Arizona Speedboat Dee Dinota won a state championship as Canyon del Oro coach in 2001. Dinota narrowly missed Candrea, having played for Paula Noel. Noel, an outstanding pitcher, once coached Phoenix West High School to a state championship in 1978. Dinota also won a second place finish with the Dorados in 1997.

“I want to tell you that I played for an amazing coach, Paula Noel,” said Dinota. “Mike always made me feel like I was one of his own. He texted me and invited me to events. I love that he made an impact on my life without me even playing for him. I love this guy. I like that I can call him my friend.

Former Arizona Speedboat K’Lee Arredondo mother, Shelly Arredondo, led Tempe to a second place finish in 2007.

Former Arizona Speedboat T Statman played for Coburn at Horizon and Callista Balko played for Hillenbrand at CDO.

Paula Noël. (Arizona Collections)


Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the Best High School Journalist in 2014, he received the Ray McNally Award in 2017, a winner of the AZ Education News Award 2019 and he has been a youth, high school and college coach. for over 30 years. He was the first in Arizona to write about beach volleyball and high school wrestling. His own children have won several state high school championships and have been named to all-state teams. Participating in high school hockey, basketball, baseball and track and field, his unique perspective can only be found here and on AZPreps365.com. Andy is the Southern Arizona voting member for the Ed Doherty Award, recognizing Arizona’s best soccer player, and he has been nominated Local hero by Tucson Weekly for 2016. Andy was named Honorary Flowing Wells Caballero in 2019 and is a member of the Amphi COVID-19 Blue Ribbon committee. Contact Andy Morales at amoralesmytucson@yahoo.com

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Former Student – NBC Bay Area http://woonsockethigh.org/former-student-nbc-bay-area/ http://woonsockethigh.org/former-student-nbc-bay-area/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 06:48:02 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/former-student-nbc-bay-area/

A former Los Gatos High School star athlete responds to an NBC Bay Area investigation claiming she was sexually assaulted on campus years ago and the school failed to protect her.

Former Los Gatos High School star athlete and sports presenter Heather Hennessey speaks out against her allegations of school abuse in the late 1990s.

“I have suffered in silence for so long,” said Hennessey.

Hennessey says a student rally last summer and the recent two-part report from the school’s #MeToo Movement Investigation Unit encouraged her to go public with her allegations of sexual abuse by the school. former Los Gatos High School track coach Chioke Robinson. The abuse happened when she was a high school student between 1998 and 1999, she said.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Hennessey said Robinson “has been sexually assaulted on multiple occasions [her,] try to touch her [inappropriately] on the LGHS campus. She said Robinson had followed her from Archbishop Mitty High School to Los Gatos High School (LGHS). She left Mitty, she said, trying to escape Robinson. The Diocese of San Jose, which oversees Mitty, said in a previous report that it takes all allegations of abuse seriously and supports victim-survivors.

Reacting to the Unit’s report on a recent wave of complaints of sexual assault and harassment of students by current and former LGHS students, Hennessey said she was upset “this [LGHS] culture still exists.

Specifically, Hennessey says the school does not believe in and protect students who make complaints of sexual abuse. She says school officials failed to protect her when she reported Robinson’s abuse to her boss.

“I reported to my head track coach [Robinson’s supervisor] that I had been mistreated and that he had concealed it, ”she said. “He told me my career would be ruined. That I couldn’t continue to attend USC – using fear tactics to silence myself.

Some 20 years later, in 2019, Robinson was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting at least three other girls. Robinson has pleaded not guilty and is on bail pending legal proceedings. The former LGHS head coach never responded to requests for comment from the Investigation Unit.

Hennessey is not the only former Los Gatos High School student to have alleged abuse by Robinson on the LGHS campus. Jane Doe – whose real name is not identified in court documents – is also suing Los Gatos – Saratoga High School District. Lawyer Lauren Cerri is representing Doe in his lawsuit against the district.

“So when I saw [the Investigative Unit’s] report … and I saw these statements [by the superintendent] “It’s one of the hardest things for school districts to manage… when it happens off campus. “Well, you don’t even handle it appropriately when it’s happening on campus,” Cerri said.

Robinson is identified but not named as a defendant in the Hennessey lawsuit. He did not comment on Hennessey’s claims.

Robinson is named in Doe’s case. A lawyer representing him in this lawsuit sent a statement that reads in full:

“Mr. Robinson was surprised and devastated by the allegations and categorically professes his innocence. He has been a coach and mentor of all ages, genders and backgrounds, and a mainstay of the community for nearly 20 years. Each time an indemnity pecuniary is potential, it calls into question the motivations of the claimants. There has been a one-sided narrative portrayed throughout this process. We ask the media not to present a one-sided story as a fact. We expect the The trial sheds light on his innocence and these unilateral allegations. The law and the presumption of innocence must be respected in order for there to be fairness and justice. “

Cerri also represented Audrie Pott’s family. Pott was the sophomore from Saratoga High School who committed suicide in 2012 after three male students sexually assaulted her at a party and were allowed to return to campus.

Saratoga High School and Los Gatos High School are in the same school district. Like other federally funded institutions, the district must follow Title IX of the laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual harassment, including rape.

Los Gatos – Saratoga High School District did not have a Title IX coordinator when he received a Title IX complaint in August 2020. He hired an outside law firm to handle the case. The cabinet determined that the accused student and the school did not violate Title IX laws, according to investigative documents obtained by the Investigation Unit.

The district has since hired Title IX coordinator Megan Farrell, whose LinkedIn profile shows she started the position in December 2020.

“How is it possible that they just appointed a Title IX coordinator,” Cerri said.

School district superintendent Mike Grove said he could not comment on the ongoing civil lawsuits. In previous statements, he said the district has expanded staff training and student counseling. In August 2020, the school board approved the hiring of Hirschfeld Kraemer law firm to conduct an independent investigation into broader allegations of school culture and student sexual abuse.

The Investigation Unit learned that company investigators are not getting as much input from students as they had hoped. In an email, Grove wrote, “The reasons for the low turnout… are unknown,” but could be due to a lack of in-person schooling. Several students tell the Investigation Unit that they do not trust the investigation or the sincerity of the district. A student quoted Grove’s email last month to parents saying that student sexual misconduct is “not a pervasive problem in [the] District.”

“The way Heather’s case was handled, the way my client’s case was handled is exactly the same as the girls are being treated now,” Cerri said. “It sends a message that they cannot speak.”

Farrell provided the Investigation Unit with the following statement on Monday morning:

“I would like to let Ms. Hennessy and Ms. Doe know that we hear them, and our thoughts are with them.

As you know, all of the alleged events that gave rise to Chioke Robinson’s trial occurred before the current district leadership team was in place. Nonetheless, our team has made educating our students and protecting them from sexual misconduct / assault one of our top priorities. “

Candice Nguyen is an investigative reporter for NBC Bay Area. To contact her about this story or others, send an email candice.nguyen@nbcuni.com.

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Student killed, another injured in shooting at Maplewood High School athletic field http://woonsockethigh.org/student-killed-another-injured-in-shooting-at-maplewood-high-school-athletic-field/ http://woonsockethigh.org/student-killed-another-injured-in-shooting-at-maplewood-high-school-athletic-field/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 16:34:42 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/student-killed-another-injured-in-shooting-at-maplewood-high-school-athletic-field/

UPDATE: 18-year-old student shot dead on Maplewood High School athletic field identified

One student was killed and another was injured in a shooting Sunday night at the Columbia High School athletic field in Maplewood, the superintendent said in a letter.

The teenagers, who have not been identified, were shot dead on Underhill grounds, South Orange & Maplewood Superintendent Ronald Taylor said.

“This unthinkable calamity is without a doubt a devastating blow to our students, our staff and our community,” Taylor said.

The student killed was an 18-year-old man, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Thomas Fennelly told NJ Advance Media. No arrests have been made and there is no threat to the public, he said.

Yellow police tape was wrapped around the complex at Underhill Field on Monday morning as police stood at posts surrounding the facility. Meanwhile, investigators searched the bushes inside the compound, and others deployed to surrounding neighborhoods, knocking on the doors of residents’ homes. A helicopter buzzed overhead, sending residents out of their homes and looking skyward.

Police at the scene refused to answer questions when approached by NJ Advance Media, referring all questions to the Maplewood Police Chief. A Maplewood Police spokesperson has yet to return a request for comment.

A grandmother holding her grandchild outside a house in a neighborhood near the Underhill sports complex said she did not know what had happened but that police activity was troubling.

“It gives me chills,” said the woman, who declined to give her name.

It is not known what time the shooting took place. A couple walking their dog along Burr Road on Monday said they hadn’t heard anything the night before, but noticed police lights started flashing from the establishment around 11:15 p.m. They didn’t think much about it until they saw the police tape surrounding the facility in the morning.

All field activities are being canceled due to the ongoing investigation, and outdoor activities at nearby Clinton Elementary School will be moved indoors or canceled. A retirement party scheduled for Monday evening has also been postponed.

Mental health services will be available for students at Columbia High School, Maplewood Middle and Clinton Elementary.

Thank you for relying on us to provide you with journalism you can trust. Please consider supporting NJ.com with a subscription.

Katie Kausch can be reached at kkausch@njadvancemedia.com. Tell us your coronavirus story or send a tip here.

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Winthrop High School Ceremony Celebrates Graduates http://woonsockethigh.org/winthrop-high-school-ceremony-celebrates-graduates/ http://woonsockethigh.org/winthrop-high-school-ceremony-celebrates-graduates/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 23:02:42 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/winthrop-high-school-ceremony-celebrates-graduates/

WINTHROP – Shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday, Madison Forgue took her final steps as a student at Winthrop High School.

Walking in the step-pause-step cadence of “Pomp and Circumstance”, Forgue and 52 classmates moved closer to their future.

But before they could move on, it was time for the transitional traditions: the speeches, the memories, the praise for the accomplishments and the latest jokes and the budding nostalgia for graduation, with the families. and friends of the students gathered at the new David J. Gymnase Poulin.

Winthrop High School seniors Colby Emery, left, and Noah Dunn hug each other on Sunday before the start at Winthrop School. Journal Andy Molloy / Kennebec Buy this photo

Dennis Price, who was a drama teacher at Winthrop High for five years before he left in 2020 and is one of the founders of Capitol City Improv Comedy, captured some of it in his opening address to his alumni .

“I feel like my memory of you is kind of stuck on pause,” Price said. “You were in second year. Now you can drive and serve our country and work, and now you can go to college. “

But the invitation to speak at graduation two years after she left showed her that the most important part of their time together is the relationships they’ve built.

In a nod to the global COVID-19 pandemic, he noted the changes it has made to students, their teachers and their families and he has given this warning.

“If you go through this time exactly the same person you were before this time,” Price said, “I think you fail to honor the sacrifices of everyone around you who have done their best to give you a feeling of normalcy. “

For Forgue, even without the coronavirus pandemic, high school was a difficult chapter.

Winthrop High School Senior Madison Forgue dresses up before Sunday’s start at Winthrop School. Journal Andy Molloy / Kennebec Journal Andy Molloy / Kennebec Buy this photo

“You’re reaching the teenage stage,” she said, “and just growing up, you know? “

As she heads to college – like most of her classmates – Forgue, 18, will swap her small community for a larger campus at the University of Maine at Farmington, and the chance to meet new ones. people who share his interests.

“I’m really into music,” she said. “I like doing things outside and on campus there. It’s perfect. It’s surrounded by mountains, and they have a lot of clubs and stuff that does that sort of thing, so I’m super excited.

Forgue said she was not sure what she would study at UMF. She loves animals and has two dogs and two cats, so she thinks she could take a pre-vet route, with anatomy and biology classes and some general education requirements already on her schedule.

Before she gets there, however, she plans to spend the summer working with a friend at Shannon’s Unshelled in Boothbay Harbor.

Seniors from Winthrop High School move in on the Sunday before the start at Winthrop School. Journal Andy Molloy / Kennebec Buy this photo

Now that she’s moving on, Forgue had some advice for incoming freshmen as she remembers what it was like to start high school and being bullied by freshmen.

Forgue said she had friends a year before her, and they helped her out of her bubble. Because of this, she met people she never thought she knew. She learned to appreciate herself and to appreciate the things she did for herself. And she appreciated those around her who helped her along the way.

“It’s so short. It goes so fast, “she said.” I couldn’t believe it when they said it would be over in the blink of an eye. So be yourself. Go out with good friends. Surround yourself. you things and other people that make you happy. Really have fun.

Use the form below to reset your password. When you submit your account email, we’ll send you an email with a reset code.


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Inland High Schools Scoreboard for Saturday, June 5 – press enterprise http://woonsockethigh.org/inland-high-schools-scoreboard-for-saturday-june-5-press-enterprise/ http://woonsockethigh.org/inland-high-schools-scoreboard-for-saturday-june-5-press-enterprise/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 05:59:27 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/inland-high-schools-scoreboard-for-saturday-june-5-press-enterprise/

Here are the results and highlights from Inland High School sporting events on June 5th.

To report scores and highlights, send the information to preps@pe.com by 10pm each day.

Scores are also taken from the MaxPreps.com website.


CIF-SS playoffs

Semi finals

Division 4AA

Pasadena Poly 62, Elsinore 43


CIF State SoCal Regionals


Section II

San Diego St. Augustine 1, Santiago 0

Section III

Salesian 1, Norte Vista 0


CIF-SS playoffs


Section 5

Def king Westminster La Quinta 25-14, 25-11, 24-26, 25-19.

(King is 17-0. La Quinta is 12-1.)


CIF-SS playoffs

Two-game championships

Division 1

Temecula Valley 34, Saint-Jean Bosco 23.

(Temecula Valley is 9-0. St. John Bosco is 4-1.)


CIF-SS playoffs

Play at the pool

Open division

Etiwanda 72, Lynwood 71

Semi finals

Division 2AA

Cajon 69, Burbank Burroughs 59

Division 2A

Eisenhower 78, Sonora 66

Paloma Valley 61, Westlake 45

Division 3AA

Ontario Christian 62, Chaparral 43. Ontario Christian Score: C. Briggs 27, Martinez 24, Mouw 6, K. Goedhart 4, K. Briggs 1. Chaparral Score: Simon 18, Duvauchelle 8, Elemento 6, Fa’asua 3, Cisse 3. Schmidt 3 , Smith 2.

Highlights: Chloe Briggs took 21 rebounds and Maddie Martinez scored eight at 3 points.

(Ontario Christian at 22-1. Chaparral at 13-4.)

Division 3A

San Dimas 66, Pasadena South 60

Ayala 62, Cerritos Valley Christian 49

Division 4A

Rancho Christian 45, Pilibos 33

Division 5AA

Baptist Faith 33, Ramona 25


CIF-SS playoffs


Section 3

Village Christian 13, Vista Murrieta 9

Semi finals

Division 2

Anaheim Canyon at Murrieta Mesa, 7 p.m.


CIF State SoCal Regionals


Section IV

San Dimas 5, El Segundo 2

Section V

Linfield Christian 1, Saint-Bonaventure 0. Goal: Francescon.

Highlight: Sinclair Francescon scored the game-winning goal, assisted on a Dani Williams corner.

(Linfield Christian has 17-3-3. Saint-Bonaventure has 11-4-1.)


CIF-SS playoffs

Division 1

Norco 10, Lutheran Orange 0 (5 innings). WP: Hansen. LP: Moreno. Top hitters: Perez (N) 3-3, Hovermale (N) 2-3. 2B: Hovermale, Terrazas (N). RH: Perez, Hovermale.

Highlights: Stevie Hansen threw a hit with 12 strikeouts and Mya Perez produced five runs.

(Norco is 26-1. Lutheran Orange is xx-xx.)

Murrieta Mesa 1, Crescenta Valley 0 (8 innings). WP: Ham. LP: Hernandez. HR: Oh (MM).

Highlight: Kaylee Oh hit a home run to lead late in the eighth inning. Lacie Ham threw a hit and struck out 11 batters.

(Murrieta Mesa is 18-8 years old. Crescenta Valley is 16-5 years old.)

Grove Pacifica Garden 5, Vista Murrieta 3. WP: Nally, LP: Powell. Top hitters: Whalen (VM) 2-3, Gallaspy (VM) 2-3, Denby (VM) 2-3, Bickar (P) 2-4, Bragg (P) 2-4, Nally (P) 2-3 . 2B: Maae (P), Whalen. RH: Bickar, Bragg, Whalen.

(Pacifica is 20-3. Vista Murrieta is 16-5.)

Roosevelt 4, Ayala 0. WP: Lamas. LP: Leavitt. Roosevelt’s main hitters: Carter 2-3, Townsend 2-3. 2B: Jones (R), Lamas. RH: Annett (R).

Highlight: Priscilla Llamas threw three hitters.

(Roosevelt is 19-5 years old. Ayala is 16-5 years old.)

Chino Hills 10, South Torrance 0 (5 innings). WP: Moon. LP: Lopez. Top hitters: Shockey (CH) 2-3, Bland (CH) 2-3, Luna 2-3. 2B: bland. RH: Chavez (CH), Luna, Kelly (CH), Hanna.

Highlights: Maria Luna had a smooth hit and produced three runs. Mykenzie Hanna also had three RBIs.

(Chino Hills is 19-5. South Torrance is 18-6.)

Division 2

Highlands 8, Glendora 2. WP: Handiges. LP: Duarte. Top hitters: Caballero (U) 2-4, Souza (U) 3-3, Hibbard (L) 3-4. 2B: Souza 2, Ganino. RH: Caballero.

Highlights: Marissa Caballero hit a grand slam to trigger a seven-run sixth inning by the Highlanders. Sarah Haendiges pitched seven innings in relief, allowing no runs and three hits while striking out six.

(Upland at 22-2. Glendora at 16-6.)

Large Terrace 8, Etiwanda 5. WP: Hubbard. LP: Fazzini. SV: Gomez. Best hitters: Montoya (GT) 4-4, Zermeno (GT) 2-3, Torres (E) 2-4. 2B: Montoya 2, Zermeno, Gomez. RH: Colunga.

Highlight: Darlen Montoya produced three runs, including a two-run single in the seventh inning that gave the Titans a 7-5 lead.

(Grand Terrace is 12-0. Etiwanda is 11-7.)

Riverside Poly 4, Rio Mesa 2

San Dimas 3, Warren 2

Downey 9, Diamond Ranch 1

Section 3

Don Lugo 7, Oak Charter 3. WP: Garcia. Don Lugo main hitters: Hayes (DL) 3-5, Garcia 2-3, Vasquez 2-5. 2B: González (DL). RH: Garcia.

(Don Lugo at 20-5. Charter Oak at 11-7.)

Cerritos 12, Chino 1

Beckman 9, Ramona 1

Arcadia 4, Aquin 3

Division 4

Summit 6, Sherman Oaks Notre-Dame 2. WP: González. Top hitters at the top: LaFleur (S) 2-3, Adams (S) 2-4. 2B: Reeves (S), LaFleur. 3B: LaFleur.

Highlight: Kaitlynn LaFleur produced three runs as the SkyHaws beat the division’s No. 1 seed.

(The top is 12-1. Notre Dame is 15-4.)

Arlington 8, La Canada 6. Arlington’s best hitters: Masut 2-2. 2B: Montalvo (A), Masut. RH: Johnson (A).

Highlights: Genisis Johnson had four runs and Adrianna Montalvo hit for three.

(Arlington has 17-7. Canada has 12-7.)

Citrus Valley 4, Coachella Valley 0. WP: Noda. Citrus Valley top hitters: Jimenez 2-2. 3B: Lee (Cit Val), Noda.

Highlight: Maile Noda retired 12.

(Citrus Valley is 13-7. Coachella Valley is 19-1.)

Oxnard 3, Canyon Temescal 2

Hemet 5, City of Temple 4

Section 5

Western Christian 14, North 4 (6 innings). WP: Weber. LP: Valence, Western Christian’s top hitters: Kerr 4-4, Lee 3-4, Beauvais 2-5, Rosales 2-4. RH: Lee, Beauvais, Rosales.

Highlight: Chandler Kerr completed three innings.

(Western Christian is 17-1. North is 12-8.)

Colton 7, Canyon Springs 3

Ocean View 13, Ontario Christian 2

Capistrano Christian Valley 12, Apple Valley 0

Section 6

Azusa 10, Victor Valley 5

Orange Vista 3, Monrovia 1

Twentynine Palms at Lancaster, 1 p.m.

Division 7

St. Monica Catholic 16, Academy of Career and Exploration 6

Alverno Heights 12 Academy, Bethel Christian 5

Point of view 8, Riverside Prep 2

Cobalt Institute 11, Wiseburn DaVinci 9

Burbank Providence 11, Rim of the World 1

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High School Sports: Four Fulton Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductees | Oswego County http://woonsockethigh.org/high-school-sports-four-fulton-wrestling-hall-of-fame-inductees-oswego-county/ http://woonsockethigh.org/high-school-sports-four-fulton-wrestling-hall-of-fame-inductees-oswego-county/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/high-school-sports-four-fulton-wrestling-hall-of-fame-inductees-oswego-county/

FULTON – The Fulton Wrestling Hall of Fame dedicated the Class of 2020 at the third annual induction ceremony on May 22 at Chubby’s Bar and Grill in Fulton.

The most recent consecrated members were Dawson Hayden, Matt Bogardus, Bob Farfaglia and Wayne Bleau.

Hayden was the first Section 3 champion for the Red Raiders and was the first to complete the program after finishing second in 1964.

Farfaglia took third place in the 1969 sections and won the most matches of any Fulton wrestler during the 1960s, and was also the first and longest-serving coach of the Fulton Wrestling Club.

Bleau served as the transformative coach for the program from 1974 to 1987, guiding two crown title teams during his tenure.

Matt Bogardus ranks third for career wins in program history at 172 and holds the record for most wins in a single season at 49. The 2008 graduate has won various Section 3 and Empire titles. State Games and ranked in the State Tournament.

Each new member was introduced by a special guest inductor, and varsity head coach Jeffrey Waldron served as emcee. Hall of Fame speeches were preceded by a social hour and followed by a prime rib dinner.

The Fulton Wrestling Hall of Fame was established in 2018 and held its first two dedication ceremonies in November. The event for the Class of 2020 has been postponed from last fall due to concerns about COVID-19.

The Class of 2018 included Greg Stevens, Randy Gillette, Ron LaBeef and Tim Moore. The 2019 class consisted of Rick Pawlewicz, John Noel, Mike Kitts and Mike Conners.

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North Carolina high school denies graduation to student who wore Mexican flag over dress http://woonsockethigh.org/north-carolina-high-school-denies-graduation-to-student-who-wore-mexican-flag-over-dress/ http://woonsockethigh.org/north-carolina-high-school-denies-graduation-to-student-who-wore-mexican-flag-over-dress/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 20:06:34 +0000 http://woonsockethigh.org/north-carolina-high-school-denies-graduation-to-student-who-wore-mexican-flag-over-dress/

ASHEBORO, North Carolina (WGHP) – A community in North Carolina is in turmoil after a local high school graduate is denied his degree.

According to a video witness shot during the Asheboro High School graduation ceremony, the student wore a Mexican flag on her gown as he walked across the stage. He received his diploma holder but when he went to pick up his real diploma he was refused and told he had to apologize.

Schools in the city of Asheboro say wearing a flag of any kind was against the dress code listed for the graduation ceremony.

Many viewers reached out to FOX8 to discuss the situation, saying other students also decorated their badges in the same way and were not punished.

You can read the full statement released by Asheboro City Schools below:

First and foremost, we strongly support our students’ expression of their heritage when and where it is appropriate. Our graduation dress code is clearly shared with students in advance, and wearing a flag of any kind is a dress code violation. Over the past two years, we have allowed students to decorate their mortar boards as a tribute to their individuality and creativity. We are very clear with the students that this was the ONLY acceptable deviation from the standard cap and gown dress. Unfortunately, we will now re-evaluate this decision for future senior classes in light of the situation that arose last night.

We continue to work to resolve this issue with the student and his family to graduate from Asheboro High School. He worked very hard and we congratulate him on this great achievement. We are confident in his abilities and we know he has a bright future ahead of him.

The accusations against our school and our district are disheartening. We work with every student on a daily basis to ensure that they receive rigorous instruction, equitable opportunities, and compassionate care in a safe and inviting learning environment. In our school and district, we are passionate about the success of all students.

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