Charlottesville High School Achieves Highest Graduation Rate in History

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (WVIR) – The pandemic has turned many student experiences upside down, especially for seniors.

Some in Charlottesville had the support of their teachers and families.

Students at Charlottesville High School celebrated their senior year with an outdoor graduation party and ball they weren’t sure would take place.

These festivities came after hard work and dedication, proven by the numbers in the graduation statistics.

A teacher from Charlottesville high school is particularly proud of her classes.

“It was an amazing group of seniors who went above and beyond to log in to zoom every day, to come to the office early in the morning,” said Amanda Williams.

During the pandemic, 96% of Charlottesville High School’s senior class graduated. This is the highest rate ever.

“It was probably the most meaningful graduation ceremony we have had on our football field for the first time in our history,” said Dr. Eric Irizarry, principal of Charlottesville High School.

School counselors who work in high school like Shamika Terrell say their focus on mental health is what helped them get through COVID-19.

“We had a mental health panel and we just did different activities like breakout sessions with students related to mental health,” Terrell said.

This unique focus on well-being has created important bonds between students and staff.

“Even though we weren’t in person for the first part of the year, our teachers and staff really made a concerted effort to make sure they still had positive relationships with the students, which made them feel good. helped academically, ”Nicole Armstrong, deputy director of the CHS mentioned.

While the teachers at Charlottesville High School worked hard to help students academically, they didn’t stop there.

“They have raised funds that can be used in a very flexible way to help families in need. So we were able to use these funds to keep the lights on in some of our students’ homes to provide them with the things they needed outside the school building, ”said Dr Irizarry.

Paying some families’ electricity bills has proven that their mission statement, We Are the Village, is true.

The statistics below are a comparison of high school students in Charlottesville versus statewide graduation rates, broken down by demographic group.

  • 100% (CHS) vs 98.5% (VA) of Asian students
  • 93.8% vs. 90.8% of black students
  • 96.5% vs 89.2% of economically disadvantaged students
  • 90.1% vs 77.2% of English learners
  • 90.2% vs. 85.1% of Hispanic students
  • 97.1% vs. 90.7% of students with disabilities
  • 100% vs. 95.1% of students of several races
  • 99.2% vs. 95.3% of white students

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