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The majority of Garfield County’s eight public high schools scored below the state average ACT score in 2020.

Only Chisholm High School‘s schoolwide average also topped the national average score of 20.6 on the college entrance exam, according to recent data reported by Oklahoma Watch.

In 2020, Oklahoma received a statewide composite score of 19.7, out of a maximum of 36 — an average of the composite scores of high school students who took the ACT in the fall before earning their graduate in 2021. The exam is used by Oklahoma high schools to meet federal requirements. academic test requirements.

The 59 Chisholm seniors who took the exam received an average composite score of 22.56 — the highest in the county, according to Oklahoma Watch. The high school also reported average subject scores of 21.41 in English, 21.44 in math, 23.92 in reading and 23 in science.

Chisholm Public Schools Superintendent Dudley Darrow, who joined the district last month, said the scores were a “great place to start”. In 2019, CHS averaged 20.4.

Members of Chisholm High School’s senior class backstage before commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 15, 2021 at the ChisholmTrail Expo Center. (Billy Hefton/Enid News & Eagle)

“I’m not at all surprised, and Chisholm has a long-standing record of academic excellence,” Darrow said Saturday. “It’s something the community, students and teachers are very proud of, and we’re very proud of it.”

Covington-Douglas High School had the lowest composite average in Garfield County, at 15.74. In 2019, students tested an average of 17.5, according to Oklahoma Watch. Its superintendent, Darren Sharp, did not respond to an email seeking comment on the scores on Tuesday.

Enid High School scored near the middle of high schools, with a composite score of 18.36. By far, most of the county’s students, 397, took the exam at EHS. The previous year, 379 Grade 11 students tested at roughly the same average score, at 18.4.

“The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the preparations for the ACT, along with a number of other academic issues,” Enid Superintendent Darrell Floyd said in an email on Tuesday. “Even despite the pandemic, I commend the folks at Enid High School for going above and beyond to help prepare the students academically.”

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Enid High School seniors celebrate the end of commencement drills at D. Bruce Selby Stadium on FridayMay 21, 2021.

According to the College Board, fewer high school students, both statewide and nationwide, took the exam in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The students would have taken the test as 11th graders, but the Spring 2020 exam dates have been canceled due to COVID.

Other 2020 county and state high school ACT scores can be found at

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