College students learn about the work of the Urban League of Central Carolinas through a documentary

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (WBTV) – A documentary featuring the work of the Urban League of the Central Carolinas arrives in classrooms.

Students in the sociology class at Strayer University will examine the film for lessons and how they can use the information to do their jobs better after graduation.

“We need academics to know this exists,” said ULCC President and CEO Teddy McDaniel. “So that they can become our defenders. This is really a partnership with an educational institution that says that as part of what we are going to offer our students, there is an advocacy plan and it is necessary. It’s needed on all of our college campuses, online or in person, and this forum allows us to do it.

The film puts a face to people who are struggling to make ends meet.

“Our documentary specifically highlights some of the work that Urban League is doing in the community,” McDaniel said. “And we focus on the story of Carlecia. She was a student who went through Urban League and is now on the other side. She spoke about some of the hardships she’s been through and how the Urban League was able to come and help her. “

The director is Asa Kryst. It’s a Charlotte filmmaker who says making this film inspired him.

“It makes me more aware,” Kryst said. “Because I’m fine, here’s a true story. It’s not just a statistic. She’s a face and these are the things she’s had to overcome … When you sit down and talk to someone who’s been through so many different obstacles, it’s fresh every time.

Kryst says he had no intention of making documentaries – it happened naturally.

“George Floyd’s death just started so much in this country,” he said. “And I just remember sitting there watching the news, reading social media stuff and I was like I wanted to do something – like what I can do and for me I’m just trying to ‘Use my talents. I’m a filmmaker. I just went out to document stories … There were so many different types of bands doing a cause and I just remember thinking that had to be said. did two 60-second shorts on the Charlotte protest last year, and that’s kind of the start of my documentary.

McDaniel is hoping people will see this movie and it will lead them to help break down the barriers and inequalities that keep people behind.

“When you talk about whether people are seeing something,” McDaniel said. “And then take action – you speak from their heart, you really are. And so I think that’s a powerful story for me personally. It’s hard not to watch something like that and not lend to it. But we have to make it known to as many people as possible, because the more aware people are and the more hearts we can touch – the more support we receive. We are telling this story so that we have fewer Carlecias to serve.

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You can watch the documentary here.

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