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COLUMBIANA – The Columbiana High School entrepreneurship class led by Tricia Missos is tackling a new project in the 2021-2022 school year.

Students like Ava Bryant, Nick Gallo, Tori Long, Riley McElwain, Madison Burbick, Olivia Cmil, Eddie Clancy, Maxx Grommes and Trevor Dearing are planning improvements for the concession stands.

According to Missos, concession stands cause quite a bit of congestion during games and school events. Entrepreneurship students are working to relocate concession stand space and improve services and decor.

The students intend to give the new area a dining-room feel with tiled floors and a vintage American aesthetic. The estimated construction costs for the improvements are $ 18,000.

“It will be used during matches; children would also like to use it during the school day ”, said Missos.

Students worked on design, researched product selection, construction costs, and partnerships involving local businesses such as Funky Punky Cotton Candy and Hogans Bakery.

Products sold would include cotton candy, slushies, pretzels, popcorn and traveling tacos.

“It’s a way to earn money for school and the kids also get a little business experience” Missos explained.

According to research by the Entrepreneurship Class, concession stands can help increase game attendance.

Missos observed that students improve their understanding of planning and project management.

“There are a lot of things you may not have thought of from the start” said Missos. “The contracts that need to be reviewed, OSHA compliance, all that compliance. There are a lot of things they had to look at.

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