Coronavirus: Wiikwemkoong officials warn public of high-risk exposure to COVID-19 at recent rally

SUDBURY – Officials from Wiikwemkoong on Manitoulin Island are warning residents of recent high-risk exposure to COVID-19.

In a post on the community’s Facebook page on Friday, officials said the exhibit took place at a social gathering at 1900 Wikwemikong Way on July 31.

“This includes Zipp-Thru Gas Bar and the Hiawatha food truck,” the post said.

Anyone who may have been exposed is urged to self-isolate immediately and contact the health unit to get tested for the disease.

“If you are showing symptoms, we ask that you isolate yourself immediately and contact your local health department,” the message read.

“We remind everyone to follow public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The safest options are to limit close contact with members of your own household, to stay home and not to go. at work or school in case of illness, avoid non-essential travel, and remember to practice physical distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands and monitor your activity to support research contacts.”

Wiikwemkoong declared an outbreak earlier this week, where the number of cases on Friday stands at six people in the community and three members who are not in the community at the moment.

Drive-through COVID-19 tests are available today at the Wiikwemkoong Arena until 6 p.m. Call the health center at 705-859-3164 to make an appointment.

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