Danvers High School Wrestling Team Suspended After Brawl Over Alleged Racist Video – NBC Boston

District officials said on Tuesday they had suspended the Danvers High School wrestling team after a scuffle between two students sparked another investigation at the Massachusetts school.

The Danvers Public School District sent a message to families on Tuesday afternoon informing them of the decision and revealing that a full investigation is underway.

According to the letter posted on the district’s Twitter account, school officials learned on Tuesday that a physical altercation had occurred between two students last week. A student confronted a current member of the wrestling team over a video recorded three years ago in which this student allegedly used racist language.

The brawl occurred on the school grounds after the day’s lessons ended, and part of the investigation will examine how students accessed that space prior to their scheduled practice, according to the letter.

Danvers residents gathered on Saturday evening for an inclusion vigil following a second anti-Semitic incident at a city school this month earlier in the week.

An initial investigation into this incident revealed other concerns related to a Snapchat wrestling team group, including references to hazing and hateful and biased language, according to the letter.

District officials said they don’t believe all team members are actively participating in the chat, but all team activities are on hold until the investigation is completed.

“This incident serves as an important reminder for students and families to review their use of social media and cellphones and to reinforce that racist, biased or inappropriate language will be addressed with disciplinary and restorative sanctions,” the letter read. . “We must continue to strive to create a respectful community to which everyone belongs.”

District officials also said in sharing the information that they hope they can count on everyone’s support as they work to address it.

Over the next seven days, during the community block, school officials said they would address issues such as the use of social media, the role of bystander and the detrimental impact of hate language and school-wide bias.

The case has been reported to the Danvers Police Department, and further disciplinary action will be taken pending the outcome of the investigation, district officials said.

Calls for Danvers community leaders to step down are escalating over an alleged attempt to cover up fanatic locker room behavior by the 2019-2020 varsity high school hockey team.

The wrestling team’s investigation follows hazing allegations against the high school hockey team, in which a student-athlete showed up to detail violent, sexual, homophobic and racist hazing rituals in the changing room.

There have been calls for community leaders in Danvers to resign over the alleged attempt to cover up the alleged fanatic behavior in the locker rooms of the 2019-2020 varsity high school hockey team. At a controversial Danvers school committee meeting in November, community members asked why nothing had been done since the hockey player first reported being abused about a year ago and half.

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