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DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU) – Temperatures are rising just in time for high school football, but before teams can compete against each other, players must undergo certain practices to prepare their bodies for the heat.

About 40 high school students arrive at Dunmore High School before eight a.m. Monday morning as the Bucks host their first day of PIAA-mandated heat acclimatization sessions for the upcoming football season.

“I mean, I woke up this morning, you know people are going to be tired, but we’ve been waiting for this all year. Last year we didn’t have a normal season so this year we’re ready to come back, ”said Kameryn Reyes, senior at Dunmore High School.

“Each individual athlete has to go through a minimum of training and hours in order to prepare for the double sessions that will take place next week. So they (PIAA) have been doing it for about eight to ten years, ”said Dunmore Bucks head coach Kevin McHale.

This trainer believes in sessions designed to play in hot weather.

“It works well, it attracts children, it’s a little less intense than it will be next week with full equipment. This week is the helmets and shoulder pads, next week will be the full kit, ”said coach McHale.

“It’s okay, but it’s when it comes to Friday night games that some of these games are going to be really hot. And this is the best time to prepare for these games, ”said Liam Crolloy, senior of Dunmore High School.

While the Delta variant is in the news, players Eyewitness News spoke to expect a full regular season.

“Everyone is doing their part in this. If we have to wear a mask, we all put on a mask. I don’t really think we care at this point. We are all doing our part, ”Reyes said.

“I think from year one to seniors we just want our regular season. But we know the need exists-covid. And we just have to do our part this year to make sure it goes well, ”Crolloy said.

“And obviously with the sudden outbreaks across the country recently. You know we have contingency plans in place in case something like this happens, ”said coach McHale.

The first day of school for Dunmore students is August 30th.

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