East Central High School launches its aerospace mechanics program this fall

Students attending East Central High School in Tulsa will have the opportunity to participate in an aerospace mechanics program in the fall.

School officials hope the program will help middle-east students get well-paying jobs right out of high school while saving money.

“We want to prepare kids for a career no matter what they look like after high school,” said Tristen Black, manager of College and Career Pathways for Tulsa Public Schools.

Students interested in the program will take four electives, one for each year, to prepare for the Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Mechanic Test.

Once students have passed this test and obtained certification, they can start working immediately.

“The job market can be tough, and it’s such a great career that students can jump into immediately, and not only have it as a job, but be able to move forward in that career and progress” , Black said.

TPS said this program will also help students determine what they want to do after high school earlier.

“The cost factor is a huge thing, but also being able to have the opportunity to figure out what you might want to do in high school,” Black said. “It gives students the opportunity to get an inside look at an industry that students wouldn’t normally be able to know much about.”

East Central High School Principal Gina Wilson hopes children will take advantage of this free opportunity to learn industry-specific skills in the classroom.

“Students having a choice of what their career looks like is huge,” Wilson said. “Understand that there is a demographic of students who will go to college and there is a demographic of students who will enter the workforce directly. But what we want to make sure is that when they enter the workforce, they earn a living wage.

Wilson said she is thrilled to see the students who participate in the program succeed.

“I think the biggest reward comes after they graduate and I go somewhere and I see them and they say you’ll never guess what I’m doing,” Wilson said. “And so, I can’t wait that in 4 and a half years, students see me and say, you’ll never guess where I work!”

It’s not too late to enroll students in the program, but the program is only open to students attending East Central High School.

If you are interested in the program, we encourage you to contact Director Gina Wilson.

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