Lake Gibson FFA Alumni Awards Scholarships

Lake Gibson FFA Alumni awards scholarships annually to accomplished seniors at Lake Gibson High School who are members of the Lake Gibson Future Farmers of America and will be attending post-secondary schools in the fall following graduation. Three scholarships were awarded to seniors graduating on April 22. Two Willis Richards Memorial Scholarships have been awarded to seniors Michael Shaw and Kaley Baxter. The Farris Fast Plumbing Scholarship was awarded to Hannah Lovering. The prizes were awarded by Kenny Raney Jr. member of the Lake Gibson High School Alumni Association.

University of Piedmont

Sarah Fox of Lakeland received a Rising Star Award. The University of Piedmont Student Organization and Leaders Awards 2022 are given to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors for demonstrating outstanding leadership ability, contribution to the life of the campus, academic pride and potential for other leadership roles. Recipients demonstrate a strong sense of school spirit and maintain good academic performance.

Harrison’s student films featured

Harrison School of the Arts featured the following student films in its Cinematic Arts Films showcase this year. G- and PG-rated films: “Ghost” written and directed by Liana Burse; “Pizza Panic” written and directed by Paola S. Valle-Jimenez; “Life Without Him” ​​written by Kyndra Salopek and Adayah Peck, directed by Kyndra Salopek; “Tennis World Wide” written by Kate Marshall, directed by Emma Pettersen; “Don’t Forget to Smile” Written and Directed by Luke Petterson; “The Great Written Sweep” by Temaria Murphy and Aislin Renz, directed by Temaria Murphy and Sesser House; “The Statue” written and directed by Aislinn Renz; “The Great Bookman Prank War” written and directed by Emma Walters; “Working My Grass Off” written by Bobbie Rosenkranz, directed by Bobbie Rosenkranz and Melanie Sanchez; “Complementary” written by Pink Knight and Madalyn Vida, directed by Madalyn Vida; “Unknown Object” written and directed by Ella Collins. Films rated PG13: “Love at first meeting” written by Bobbie Rosenkranz, directed by Bobbie Rosenkranz and Melanie Sanchez; “Epic Horse Fight” written and directed by Pink Knight; “Daddy Gags” written and directed by Nevaeh Boggs; “Career Day” written and directed by John Noel Wibert; “Mr. Sinister’s Talk Show” written by Chloe Croft, directed by John Noel Wibert; “The Boom Brothers” written and directed by Connor Wright and Andre Cheyne. “Mr. Sinister’s Talk Show” was also an Official Selection of the 2022 Gasparilla International Film Festival. “Epic Horse Fight” was also an Official Selection of the 2022 Solar Film Festival.

University of Upper Iowa

Angel Tapia of Haines City received the 2022 Florida Alumni Chapter Scholarship from Upper Iowa University.

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Michael Haggins and Stephane Soler, both from Lakeland, were recently inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the all-discipline collegiate honor society at Florida State University. Jin Curry of Lakeland was recently inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, a collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines at the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. Marc Motsch II of Haines City was initiated at the University of Florida. The following individuals were recently inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi at Florida Southern College: Hanger Lindsey of Bartow, Kaitlin Watkins from Auburndale, Mollie Tew by Kathleen, Adelaide Knight, Peyton McCain, Stephen Roth, Emma Edgar, Wendy Kiesewetter, Meagan Franklin, Madison Johnston all of Lakeland. Beatrice Dela Pena and Leslie Raysin, both from Lakeland, were initiated at Auburn University.

Concordia University Nebraska

Noah Fenton of Auburndale presented at the 2022 Concordia University Nebraska Research Symposium. Concordia Nebraska’s 11th Annual Academic and Research Symposium gave students the opportunity to showcase their achievements to the campus community on April 25.

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