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EMMAUS, Pennsylvania — Students from Emmaus High School‘s “Mud Club” are hosting a fundraiser that helps feed the needy.

“It’s really cool to support your community with something so fun and easy to do,” said Mud Club member Jessica Yenawine.

This is why their annual fundraiser “Les Bowls Vides” is so important to the Emmaus Community.

“It’s a national event. When they walk through the door, we have all the bowls seated, then tables to pay for. So if they want a bowl, it’s $20.00,” Lisa Caruso said. , adviser to the Mud Club.

The bowls were made by members of the Emmaus High School Mud Club. Once a community member purchases their bowl, they can fill it with the soup of their choice and enjoy it for lunch in the school cafeteria.

“Today I think we have 27 or 28 soups here,” Caruso said.

This event was organized in partnership with The Angel Network in the East Penn School District, a group that works to help those in need in the Emmaus area.

“It’s amazing, because I see some of the people it helps. I see all of these people in school every day,” said Mercedes Wagaman, president of the Mud Club. “I help my friends and the community too.”

The Mud Club says they will tally all the profits and write a check for the Angel Network.

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