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Welcome to the Auburn Athletics SPIRIT Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) information site. Find the latest information on Auburn’s policy and educational materials for student-athletes, staff, agents and others related to the adoption of HB404 – the State of Alabama NIL Bill . The information provided below is intended to provide guidance in meeting the requirements of HB404 and to educate all constituents. Auburn Athletics is also committed to helping student-athletes improve their brands and capitalize on their NIL potential.

The information provided here does not constitute legal advice regarding NIL netting agreements. We recognize that the new NIL legislation presents both an exciting and challenging time in college athletics. Student-athletes are encouraged to bring in a reputable external advisor to help them with the process.

Auburn Athletics launches SPIRIT

Under state law, a student-athlete participating in inter-varsity sports at a post-secondary educational institution may receive compensation for the use of the student’s name, image or likeness- athlete. A student-athlete is also entitled to obtain professional representation for the purpose of obtaining compensation for the use of the student-athlete’s name, image or likeness.

All aspects of the Auburn SPIRIT program are intended as a good faith effort to comply with HB404 below. Once the new Alabama Collegiate Track and Field Commission meets, its bylaws will also be provided here.

Auburn Athletics has established policies and procedures for reviewing NIL compensation and agent representation, as required by state law. Student-athletes must disclose both types of agreements: indemnification (before) and agent representation (7 days before) under state law. As the NIL review process is brand new, please submit applications as soon as possible. Review timelines may vary for disclosed NIL compensation and agent representation agreements. Generally speaking, requests that are properly disclosed, do not involve any trigger for review, and otherwise comply with state law, will take less time to review. As NIL agreements become more and more common, Auburn University may set specific and timely review standards for inbound agreements.

Student-athletes will receive notifications through the INFLCR app (NIL Compensation) or ARMS software (Agent Disclosure) once the exam process is complete.

All student-athletes have received the educational material below on HB404 and the Auburn Disclosure and Review Process. In addition, all Auburn student-athletes will have access to training modules and in-person sessions in partnership with the Harbert College of Business on the following topics; Financial literacy, taxation, brand management and entrepreneurship.

Is my agent registered with the Alabama Agent Athlete Commission AND Auburn Athletics? Find out below: Registration is relatively straightforward with the Alabama Agent Athlete Commission and Auburn Athletics. The Commission meets monthly. See the links below for more details and deadlines:

Mere recall portrayal for purposes other than marketing the student-athlete’s name, image or likeness will jeopardize the student-athlete’s eligibility for university. If the student-athlete intends to maintain eligibility for college athletics, the agency agreement should be limited to the marketing of the student-athlete’s name, image or likeness.

Nonetheless, agents seeking to represent athletes who intend to forfeit their eligibility (e.g., turn professional) must also register with the Alabama Agent Athlete Commission and Auburn Athletics, as required. state law.

Under state law, a post-secondary educational institution, an entity for the purpose of supporting or benefiting the institution or its intercollegiate sports, or any officer, director or employee of the institution or of the entity may not compensate or cause to be paid compensation to a student-athlete or the family of a student-athlete for the use of his or her name, image or likeness.

Under state law, a student-athlete participating in inter-varsity sports at a post-secondary educational institution may receive compensation for the use of the student’s name, image or likeness- athlete.

It remains prohibited under NCAA rules for a student-athlete to receive benefits solely for their student-athlete status. Under NCAA rules, if a student-athlete receives anything of value from someone who, for example, does not employ or contract to use the student-athlete’s name, image or likeness , the eligibility of the student-athlete may be affected.

Additionally, employees of the institution or entities supporting the institution (for example, Auburn Sports Properties) are prohibited from arranging NIL compensation under Alabama state law.

Compensation of student-athletes for the use of NIL rights may affect their financial assistance. Auburn University offers a number of state and federal financial aid grants based on financial need. Criteria for available grants based on need can be found here. Student-athletes who have questions about needs-based financial aid are encouraged to contact the Auburn University office. Student financial services.

Student-athletes should also apply for tax assistance for any NIL compensation earned. Taxable compensation can include any tangible and intangible item given in exchange for the use of the student-athlete’s name, image and likeness.

Opportunities for international students to earn NIL compensation may be limited by their student visa requirements. Before committing to any NIL compensation, international student-athletes should seek clarification from Auburn University. International Programs Office. Questions not answered in this FAQ can be directed to Richard Greene, AD Assistant, Athletics Compliance. ([email protected]). Again, conversations with Auburn University Athletics staff regarding NIL do not constitute legal advice. Student-athletes are encouraged to seek and seek reputable external advice when pursuing NIL arrangements.

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