Excited at the idea of ​​bringing Tiranga home? 1st Know the rules for displaying the national flag

The government’s “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign to mark 75 years of independence is being celebrated vigorously as people decorate their homes with the national flag.

The campaign started on August 13 and will run until August 15. It is part of the “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” program and the government has urged people to hoist or display the tricolor at home during this time. However, some have sounded the alarm that citizens do not know how to properly handle and hoist the national flag. This is why it becomes so important to be aware of the rules already defined in this matter.

So, what are the ways to properly display the national flag? News18 explains:

What guides the correct display of the national flag?

• Notably, the display and hoisting of the national flag is guided by the “Flag Code of India 2002” and the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act 1971.

• The Flag Code of India collects all the laws, conventions, practices and instructions for the display of the national flag. It governs the display of the national flag by private, public and governmental institutions. It entered into force on January 26, 2002.

What are the guidelines?

• The shape of the national flag must be rectangular. It can be any size, but the length to height (width) ratio of the national flag should be 3:2.

• The national flag must be made of cotton/polyester/wool/silk/khadi hand-woven and handwoven as per the Indian Flag Code 2002 which was amended in December 2021.

• A member of the public, private organization or educational institution may hoist/display the national flag on any day or occasion consistent with the dignity and honor of the national flag.

• The National Flag, as amended July 20, 2022, may be displayed in the open air or on the home of a member of the public and may be flown day and night.

• When the national flag is displayed, it should take center stage and be prominently displayed. A damaged or ruffled national flag must not be flown.

• The national flag must not be displayed upside down.

• No other flag or pennant should be placed higher, above or next to the national flag. Flowers, garlands or emblems should not be placed on or above the pole from which the national flag flies.

• The national flag must not be displayed or attached in any way that could damage it.

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