Faced with shortage of teachers, Bihar government to set up science labs in schools with IIT Patna

Public upper secondary schools in Bihar face a severe shortage of science teachers. Despite the government’s ambitious exercise to ensure a senior secondary school in each panchayat, most of them lack adequate laboratory facilities.

When these students enroll in colleges, they struggle to develop a broad understanding of scientific concepts. Basic knowledge of the subject is developed between grades 9-12, and at this stage students are deprived of the essentials.

Installation of the laboratories in two phases

To address the issue, the state government will partner with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Patna) to set up science labs in all 50 model senior secondary schools in the state in two phases.

The estimated cost of the project is ₹79,649,900, director of secondary education Manoj Kumar told the media. In addition, a memorandum with the institute will be signed shortly.

In the first phase, seven model senior secondary schools with the highest number of enrollments will receive the labs, with a sum of ₹10,531,400. In the second phase, 43 model schools will be equipped with the facility at an estimated cost of ₹69,118,500.

Make science learning interesting

The move will ensure good learning for students with lab work, prepare them for pursuing higher studies and make science learning interesting. “The initiative must be a prerequisite in all high schools and high schools”, Hindustan Times quoted a professor from the University of Patna.

Government initiative to establish upper secondary schools

In 2013, the state decided to open a senior secondary school in each panchayat. Out of a total of 8,387 panchayats, the government established 6,421 upper secondary schools in regions that did not have them. The number has risen to 9,360, but many still lack adequate infrastructure and teaching staff.

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