Family and high school mourn death of Los Altos student from possible fentanyl poisoning

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KRON) – A Mountain View family and the Los Altos High School community are in mourning this weekend.

Early Friday morning, Mountain View police were notified of a student found unresponsive due to possible fentanyl poisoning, KRON4 previously reported.

KRON4 explained to officials why fentanyl was unlike anything they had ever dealt with before.

While this fentanyl poisoning is hitting the Los Altos High School community particularly hard right now, officials say it is a region-wide concern.

It is often mixed with other narcotics or drugs and even the smallest dose can be fatal.

Katie Nelson, Mountain View Police Public Information Officer, said it is still an open investigation, but based on evidence found at the scene, they believe it could be s act of fentanyl poisoning.

“The thing about fentanyl that parents need to be aware of is that it can be in anything a college student or really anyone might have,” Nelson said.

Nelson says the police want to get that message across to potentially save other lives.

“At least as many people as possible were aware of this in case there were other narcotics out there, parents talking with their children or students who might be in possession think twice,” Nelson said.

Dr. Christopher Colwell is the chief of emergency medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

He says he has worked in emergency medicine for 25 years, but has never faced the challenges that fentanyl presents.

“The risk of being added to it or contaminated with fentanyl is so much higher because it’s so available, inexpensive, and can be added to anything.”

He also says that it is very powerful and that a little is enough.

“You can put a little fentanyl in a lot of product,” Colwell said. “The problem is if you get just one decimal place wrong. This can have a fatal effect. »

Olga Novikoa is the mother of a student from Los Altos, and she says it’s important to have an open dialogue with your children about these types of situations.

“I teach them not to take anything from strangers or their classmates,” Novikoa said.

Police tell me the coroner is still working to determine the student’s exact cause of death.

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