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In 2017, Farmington voters rejected construction of a new high school 2-1. Farmington voters voted again on Thursday, but this time they approved the construction of a new high school 2-1.

“When we looked at our students and the quality of education here in Farmington, it’s so important that we have a facility that matches that,” said Meghan Guerrera, Farmington High School Building Committee Chairperson. .

With 4,500 yes to 2,195 no votes, Farmington voters overwhelmingly approved the construction of a brand new high school on Thursday. It was a referendum that generated a lot of interest. Throughout the day, the queue to vote at the library, which was one of the polling stations, extended outside.

“This is an important decision for Farmington,” said voter Digaunto Chatterjee.

The state will reimburse $ 26.3 million from the $ 135.6 million project, but the rest belongs to the taxpayers of Farmington. That’s why some people we spoke to said they voted no.

“I want Farmington to be successful. It’s good for the resale value of our properties and stuff, but I’m not really convinced that the expansion is necessary at this time, ”Chatterjee said.

“We need to save money, and I don’t think this is a good time to build, especially since the cost is so high,” said Voter Denise Atkinson.

Those we have spoken to who have supported building a new school say it will be a short term tax hike with long term benefits.

“The current high school is in bad shape, and I think it is not fair to the children who go to this high school under these conditions,” said voter Baihai Wang.

” No fuss. I have three children at school, but even before that the school building is old. It needs to be updated, ”said voter Geoffrey Manton.

City officials say that with the current building there are security concerns, ADA compliance issues and a lack of space. Whether the weather or conditions have changed the minds of voters from 2017 to 2021, students will soon see a new school rise near the old one.

Construction of the new school will begin next summer and end in the fall of 2024. Most of the old school will then be demolished, but the wing built in 2003 will remain standing. No decision has been made regarding the 1928 building, which is the building many drivers see on Route 4.

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