Federal Government Employees Facing AGPR Issues

Islamabad: Federal government employees, especially those serving in the educational institutions of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), face multiple problems in receiving their arrears from the Accountant General’s Office of Pakistan Revenue ( AGPR) Islamabad.

The competent authorities of the AGPR issued on December 13 a circular according to which all the invoices of State Employees must be transmitted by the respective heads of departments.

The letter says that arrears invoices must be approved by department heads or any official appointed by them. Previously, it was customary for these arrears invoices to be sanctioned by the Drawdown and Disbursement Officers (DDOs) of each FDE educational institution.

“From now on, it has become mandatory that arrears invoices be signed by the director general of the FDE. Clearance of arrears bills has become an impossible task as there are over 15,000 teaching and non-teaching staff. “How will it be possible for DG to see the invoices of thousands of employees and then he can’t do any other work,” an EDF officer said.

They asked the Accountant General of Pakistan, Manzoor Kiani, to order the withdrawal of the circular and that the principal of who is a BPS-19 or BPS-20 officer be declared sanctioning authority. In addition, EDF employees have also requested the Ministry of Finance to relax its Basic Rules and Supplementary Rules (FR&SR) regarding the clearance of employees’ arrears bills due to the COVID-19 situation over the past two last years.

According to Article 126 of the RF&SR, an arrears bill requires the approval of the Ministry of Finance after the expiry of a period of three years if there is no valid reason justifying the delay. Over the past two years, a number of bills have been defeated due to a three-year delay. The employees of the FDE believe that the educational institutions had to be closed in part due to the COVID-19 situation or that there were problems in the availability of the required budget, therefore, the AGPR should relax the rules for clearing invoices.

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