Finding a Teaching Job in Montana

Do you want to work as a teacher in the great state of Montana? If so, you’ve come to the right place. A short article on the processes to become a teacher in Montana can be found below.

Step 1: Complete an approved teacher preparation program

To teach in any state, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Montana educators must have licensure in addition to a bachelor’s degree. Completion of an elementary educator preparation program is required for elementary level approval. Students must complete an education major or minor from an NCATE or state-approved institution or university to acquire high school grades.

Additional grades in primary educationhigh school English/language arts, high school math, high school history, and high school science require at least 16 credits in a higher education program at least 40 semester credits in an extended major, or 30 semester credits in a sanctioned major plus 20 semester credits in a sanctioned minor. Student teaching or another sort of recognized teaching experience is required in Montana educator training programs.

Curriculum and on-the-job experiences are the two main components of teacher education programs. Instructions on teaching basic skills, pedagogy (the science of teaching), and training students to research, design, and execute learning experiences in their field of study are often included in the program. Field observations, internships, teaching students, or a combination of the three are common field experiences. The Montana Office of Public Instruction’s Educator Preparation and Accreditation website has a list of recognized educator preparation programs.

Step 2: Pass the required exams

To obtain a Class 2 educator license in Montana, educators must pass the Praxis II test. You must complete specific courses and assessments, as well as an authorized teacher education program, to receive your Montana teaching license. Both levels of licensing in Montana include the Class 2 standard Certificate for entry-level educators with a bachelor’s degree who have completed a licensed educator education program, and the Class 1 Professional Certificate is for experienced educators with an undergraduate degree who have completed an accredited educator education program. Both certifications are valid for five years and can be renewed.

Step 3: Submit an application for a Montana teaching credential.

You can apply for a Montana Educator’s License using the following application, Application for a Montana Educator License in Class 1, 2, or 3, if you have completed all of your educational commitments, completed your teaching requirements, and passed all appropriate examinations. Send the application and documentation to Montana Office of Public Instruction, Attn: Educator Licensure, PO Box 202501, Helena, MT 59620-2501.

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