Fulton Junior High School inducts 27 years into the National Junior Honor Society | Education

FULTON – Twenty-seven students at Fulton Junior High School have been recognized for their commitment to academic success and strong character as new inductees to the National Junior Honor Society.

The students were inducted at a recent ceremony and were shortlisted for the prestigious award based on their grades, character and leadership qualities.

“I would like to congratulate the National Junior Honor Society 2021 inductees! In the toughest years, these students have proven not only to be smart, but also innovative, creative, resilient and disciplined, ”said Fulton High School Principal Marc Copani. “Their induction is a testament to their hard work and dedication to learning and improving.”

The 2020-2021 inductees were Sophie Burtis, Denzil McCarty-Castillo, Grace Guiles, Olivia Hendrickson, Michael Holmes, Madison Hood, Mason Kinney, Lylah Lukowski, Zachary McDougall, Claire Murray, Finley Nye, Maxwell Scipione, Chase Spohn, Addison Smith, Owen Tice, Caleb Turner, Madeline Viscome, Latoria Blakeney, Aidan Caples, Niyah Humphrey, John Martin, Kathryn Mccleery, Emma Perkins, Timothy Piano, Daniel Schremp, Yale Scipione and Faith Tibbetts.

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