Government issues COVID-related guidelines for schools amid rising cases

With the schools of Maharashtra should reopen this week, the government would have published COVID-19[feminine] guidelines for her in the middle of the climb coronavirus case in the state. According to reports, the guidelines emphasize booster doses for teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff. In addition, schools have been pressured to encourage vaccination of those over 12 years old.

Based on the accounts, the school education department took a Government Resolution (RG) concerning the start of the school year. The GR dated June 10 not only reaffirmed the school reopening dates but also mentioned various precautions that must be taken by the educational institution if a student tests positive for COVID-19.

It was reported that the guidelines emphasize that the local education department of various departments will need to ensure that teaching and non-teaching staff are fully vaccinated, including booster doses if the first two doses are administered. In addition, they were asked to raise awareness of the importance of coronavirus vaccines, while also having to arrange for this if necessary. In addition, schools have been asked to propel the vaccination of students over the age of 12. Although there is no mention of masks in the guidelines, schools and parents have been urged to follow local government rules.

Accounts suggest the resolution clarifies how schools are supposed to educate parents to ensure they do not send their children to school if they have coronavirus regarding symptoms. He adds that if a student shows symptoms on school premises, management is supposed to offer an isolation facility and administer an antigen or RT-PCR test. Additionally, he points out that if a student tests positive, all other children who have come into close contact should also be tested.

On the other hand, another ordinance was issued which required schools to celebrate the first day of students in schools. It aims to create a positive environment for students to be excited about returning to school. In Maharashtra, schools reopen on June 13 after the summer break, but students will start classes on June 15.

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