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In a recent Morning Consult / Politico poll, of those who said they saw, read or heard “a lot” about critical race theory, 7% of Democrats and 78% of Republicans described it negatively.

Of all voters, 36% said it should not be included in K-12 degree programs, and 32% said it should be included.

We are not talking here of a difference of opinion over the promulgation of a new national holiday, or of a difference of opinion over particular government spending programs.

We are talking about fundamentally different worldviews of our national history and culture.

According to one point of view, our nation is rooted and defined by racism and oppression. In the other view, the founding of the nation was a historic moment in human history, in which, for the first time, a society would be defined by human freedom, justice and equality before the law.

Can we have a school system that mixes oil and water? I do not think so.

But critical race theory has already been a part of many school curricula.

According to Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute, writing in the Wall Street Journal, “Lessons inspired by critical race theory have often turned into sessions of race-based wrestling, with public schools forcing children to rank in a hierarchy. racialism, subjecting white teachers to “anti-racist therapy” and encouraging parents to become “white traitors”.

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