Gujarat College Principal Urges Students to Become BJP ‘Page Pramukhs’; Congress takes action

Bhavnagar: The headmaster of a women’s college in the city of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, has issued an order for his female students to become ‘page pramuks‘ (Voters list page in charge at stand) of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The local Congress unit denounced the move and attacked the BJP for using these educational institutions to pursue their political goals, while the trust that runs the institution said it had quit.

In an order dated June 24, Ranjanbala Gohil, the Principal in charge of Smt NC Gandhi and Smt BV Gandhi Mahila Arts and Commerce College in Bhavnagar, asked all students living within the civic boundaries of Bhavnagar to come with a photo passport size and carry cell phones. become ‘page pramukh‘ of the BJP.

“Each student must bring their passport-size photo tomorrow to register as a page pramukh in the BJP party. Only students living within the boundaries of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation can become members. In order to join the BJP party membership drive, every student must come to the university tomorrow with a mobile phone,” the order reads.

College administrator Dhiren Vaishnav said the order was brought to his attention on June 26, Sunday evening, after which he immediately discussed it with his fellow administrators and contacted Gohil.

“All the institutes of the Bhavnagar Stree Kelavani Mandal Trust focus on development and educational activities and do not associate themselves with any political agenda. The headmistress in charge accepted her mistake and told us that she had no personal interest in enrolling students as BJP members,” Vaishnav said.

“There was no external or internal pressure on her to resign. But she asked the Trust to release her from her responsibilities and resigned,” he added.

Meanwhile, Prakash Vaghani, leader of the Bhavnagar Municipal Unit of the Congress, said: “The BJP talks about being the biggest political party in the world. It is now clear how he got so big. It is not the only institute. There are many other institutes working under the BJP, and the party controls them.

Assembly polls will be held later this year and the BJP, which has ruled the state for 27 years, has embarked on a primary membership drive.


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