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NEW CUMBERLAND – The Hancock County Board of Education tentatively discussed the idea of ​​expanding sports offerings to county colleges on Monday, with officials noting that it will be a long time before a final decision is made be taken.

The issue had been requested for discussion by board member Chris Gillette, who attended Monday’s meeting by phone.

Gillette said he had been approached about the idea and began working with others to see if there was interest, noting that the group had focused their attention solely on Weir Middle School.

Gillette would later explain that he sought the information as part of his role with the Weirton Baseball Association and not as a representative of the school board.

“I didn’t want to exceed my limits” Gillette said, admitting he was unsure of the process to follow on such a matter.

Currently, county colleges offer football and basketball programs. Gillette had suggested the possibility of adding baseball, softball and soccer.

Board chairman Danny Kaser warned Gillette not to ” put the cart before the horse “, adding that there are a lot of details that need to be worked out.

“We haven’t moved in any direction” Kaser said, explaining that he was not against the idea, he believes more information is needed before the board can take action. “I have some concerns.”

Kaser raised questions about play venues, grade levels that can participate, transportation, potential schedule, and opponents.

Board member Michelle Chappell also noted that there is currently no budget for such an expansion, and board member Larry Shaw noted that the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission may also have a say in whether the programs could be offered or whether others should be discussed.

Kaser recommended Superintendent Dawn Petrovich meet with middle and high school principals and athletic directors to get their advice.

In other cases, the board of directors of Weirton resident Edwin J. Bowman about what he said were reported plans to build a new baseball field on the Weir High School campus. Bowman said he thought it would be an unnecessary expense for the school board, noting that Weir High is currently using land operated by the Weirton Parks Department.

“It matches any field in the valley” Bowman said, explaining that the park council is working to invest in several improvement projects.

The land, located in the Town Square, was named after Bowman in recognition of the funds he was able to secure during his tenure in the State Senate.

Kaser, speaking later in the meeting, explained that the idea for a baseball field is part of an ongoing feasibility study for the board of directors, but that no final decisions are made. has been taken.

“We have not made any commitments in any way”, he said.

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