Harvard-Bound Senior calls for college scholarship to be awarded to others – NBC Boston

An incredible act of generosity from a high school graduate linked to Harvard will positively impact the lives of many students pursuing graduate studies at community colleges.

Upon her graduation from Fitchburg High School, Verda Tetteh asked her Massachusetts high school to donate the tens of thousands of dollars he had given her for a scholarship to someone attending community college instead. .

“It’s a great honor, but I also know that I don’t need it the most,” Verda Tetteh said on Friday.

The teenager, who moved here with her mother and siblings from Ghana when she was 8, was understandably nervous when she turned down $ 40,000 on the purse.

“I would be very grateful if the administration would – consider giving the – general merit scholarship to someone who goes to community college,” Tetteh said.

Fitchburg High School principal Jeremy Roche confirmed on Sunday that given the size of the award, more than one student will benefit from Tetteh’s altruistic choice.

Roche said they will be able to award scholarships to multiple students each year for the next four years. He added that there will likely be a demand for the scholarship for recent graduates who plan to continue their education at community colleges.

“What she’s done represents the best of humanity, in a way,” Roche said last week.

While Tetteh received a standing ovation from her graduating class when she made the surprising announcement, it was her mother, Rosemary Annan, who was perhaps the most affected.

Tetteh’s mother taught her children that they are blessed, that they are a blessing to others.

Annan worked 80 hours a week while attending community college, and is now studying for her bachelor’s degree.

Tetteh says she could have used this scholarship, but has secured several smaller scholarships and financial aid to attend Harvard University next fall, where she will be majoring in chemistry on a pre-med track.

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