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Hiawatha High School held its second annual Post-Secondary Dedication Day on Wednesday, March 17.

Family, friends and teachers came together to recognize students’ achievements when they enrolled in the post-secondary institution of their choice. Ms. Wagoner called four seniors at a time to the auditorium stage, where she read which college, university or military branch they will attend, and they signed a certificate declaring their commitment to attend.

“It was nice to be recognized, especially since we don’t do a lot for academic awards and stuff,” said senior Asia Donato. “It made me more excited for what’s to come!”

Seniors who participated included Kylie Nelson, Kyndra Lay, Sidney Johansen, Kevin Lock, Kiara Stone, Emma Bigham, Sheridan Jones, Carson Gilbert, Allison Arment, Dalton Simmer, Paige Stover, Joel Bryan, Mackenzie Gormley, Chloe Thomas, Ellie Hinton, Mikayla Simmons, Sydney Smith, Ati Hoschouer, Bailey Pierce, Jenna Madere, Carli Mueller, Asia Donato and Kaylee Hinton. Plans ranged from Highland Community College to Ohio University and beyond. Wherever they chose to sign, HHS Post-Secondary Signing Day is a unique way to recognize our seniors.

“This event is a great way to recognize students who have made a commitment to post-secondary education,” said Mackenzie Gormley. “Usually those who participate in college sports are the only ones who sign up. I appreciate the inclusive nature of this event!

Prior to the signing itself, the high school was able to include all students in the post-secondary signing day with a college fair. During the guided studies, classes visited the gymnasium and had the opportunity to speak to a choice of 14 university representatives and five recruiters from different branches of the military.

“I felt like it was a good experience for us to get a feel for colleges that are nearby,” sophomore Leah Kesler said. “It gives us more options for what we want to do. I learned that there are different colleges that are cheaper than others, which is a big thing I look for.

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