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There is nothing to hide: high school football is back.

The season begins Thursday for many Michigan teams who sweated during the fall camps which began on August 9. All others start on Friday or Saturday.

This time the season is on time.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced weeks 1-3 in 2020 to be canceled and resulted in a playoff stoppage, players and coaches from Ithaca to Walled Lake and Dearborn to Richmond are excited about the prospect of the season ending with the traditional Thanksgiving weekend. championship games in Detroit.

What’s new?

The way teams qualify for the playoffs.

Gone is the format from which a regular season of six or five wins meant an automatic entry into the playoffs.

In its place is a calendar strength plan to select the field of 256 teams for the 11-man playoffs. Qualifying is based solely on the playoff point average, which is also determined differently in that it now rewards teams for playing more difficult schedules.

Will there be anti-virus protocols at a game near you?

It depends.

“We are going to follow what state law requires of us,” said Mark Uyl, executive director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

What about wearing a mask?

“It would be an individual decision of the school,” Uyl added.

Are the players tested every week like they were last season?

Not at this time.

In short, most of the attention is back on the game.

A new blocking rule with player safety in mind has been implemented. A blockage below the waist in the free blocking zone (the area immediately adjacent to the snap) should occur as an immediate initial action after the snap. (Previously, offensive linemen could delay a block below the waistline as long as the ball was still in the zone.)

So pack tailgating treats and gather cold weather hats, mittens, and blankets for later. The nine-week regular season is upon us, and before you know it the Sunday Selection Playoffs (October 24) will be here, and then it’s time for the Championship games November 19-20. for teams of 8 players. and November 26-27 for 11-player teams.

Oh, and here’s a tip to make the match day experience smooth: check with the schools or teams you follow to see if they are selling tickets at the door or online, if exact change is preferred. , etc. Kickoff Classic matches at Wayne State can be purchased online https://gofan.co/app/school/MI72381 or at the stadium.)

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