How to blur the line between high school and college

Jobs for the Future, a national education and workforce focused nonprofit, published a report on Tuesday which argues for a “radical restructuring of education for grades 11-14”. He pleads for a new type of educational establishment that is neither high school nor college from the second year of high school. These institutions would combine the last two years of high school with “more specific community college education and training” to train students for future careers. Students would graduate with a certificate or associate degree.

The report suggests that such an option would remove a barrier to college completion by removing the sometimes difficult transition from high school to college and help prepare students for working life from age 16.

JFF Vice President Joel Vargas, lead author of the report, said expanding college access means not being “hidden by mainstream thinking about the high school-college-career transition.”

“Instead, we need to recognize that today’s young people need a multiplicity of pathways from education to career – not just the options created over a century ago,” a- he said in a press release.

According to the authors, the report shares recommendations for incentives that would encourage institutions to adopt the new model and changes to governance and staffing structures that would help them put the model into practice. It also offers more progressive suggestions to policy makers to make transitions between stages of education more transparent for students. For example, it recommends coordinating the schedules of local high schools and community colleges to support dual-enrolled students and allowing a passing grade on state-wide high school tests as a reason for admission to schools. local community colleges.

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