IST Intern Promotes Data Science Skills in Middle and High School AI Campers

(Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series of stories highlighting College of Information Science and Technology students and their summer internships and professional development experiences.)

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — Rising College of Information Sciences and Technology senior Nathan Reilly brought his data science skills and knowledge to summer camp.

As an intern and instructor for AI Camp, Reilly developed his passion for coding and artificial intelligence with middle and high school students around the world. AI Camp provides students ages 13-18 with the training and tools to create AI-enabled products and add experience to their portfolios as they prepare for college and industry.

“Participating in AI Camp is something I would have loved to do when I was in high school, so being able to facilitate this experience for these students is [very rewarding to me]said Reilly, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in data science at Penn State.

Through the internship, Reilly mentors four groups of students, each for three weeks, to deliver a computer vision product for live demonstration. He taught each group about coding, machine learning, computer vision, and full stack development to provide students with the skills to develop a website that showcases their computer vision model.

“The things I learned at IST helped me in my internship, and I often reference my class notes to supplement the curriculum taught in summer camp,” Reilly said. “My notes represent my understanding of the topics and reading them back allows me to think about how to translate my understanding of complex topics into a simpler format that students are able to grasp.”

In addition to mentoring students, Reilly is part of a team of AI Camp interns and instructors working on a project to build an AI product to attract 1,000 users or generate $1,000 in revenue. Although the College of IST’s emphasis on teamwork prepared Reilly for this task, the assignment – as well as teaching students complex subjects in a way they will understand – strengthened skills. essential interpersonal skills.

“The skills and knowledge that I have (learned) this summer are broadly applicable to my future career,” Reilly said. “First, the ability to work on my communication skills was extremely helpful and will translate into any future employment I may have. Additionally, working with the students improved my understanding of technical material as I needed to be able to convey the subjects in a digestible way.”

Additionally, Reilly solidified his understanding of computer vision algorithms, building on what he learned about them through his Penn State courses.

Although Reilly has gained invaluable professional experience through a once-in-a-lifetime summer opportunity, the most rewarding part for him is the students he mentors.

“The best thing about my internship is seeing the young students’ passion for technology,” Reilly said. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see that students really enjoy learning new things, while collaborating with their groups to create amazing products.”

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