Jeff Holcomb joins ACS Doha as College Director

Jeff Holcomb previously worked at international schools in East Africa and South Korea.

Doha: Jeff Holcomb joined ACS Doha as Head of College this fall, succeeding Trevor Furness, whose distinguished tenure was one of the school’s founding members in 2011.

Speaking about his career in international education, Holcomb said: “The international virus bit me in high school when I had the opportunity to go on a study trip abroad for a month. I went to the former Soviet Union, Estonia and Poland in the mid-90s, a really interesting time in that part of the world. Being a high school student and finding out how much the world has changed my life, and I wish every high school student had the opportunity to step out of the bubble where you think everything is so important in a high school, to see what a world is big it’s over there.

Earlier in his career, he said, “I worked as an MYP coordinator in settings that were secondary schools (grades 6-12). My last two schools were American-style high schools, and I really missed the Grade 6-12 vibe. I love being able to support those seven years, so that’s definitely something that attracted me to the role at ACS Doha.

Holcomb said he was really pleased to see that ACS Doha is working on multiple avenues, allowing students to truly engage with what interests and excites them.

“Furthermore, the stage that ACS Doha is at, being a relatively young and rapidly growing school, is exciting. I think there’s something interesting about taking schools that are growing a bit younger, faster, and more organically and how to help those schools mature and structure the things that need structuring, while keeping the sense of community, life and connection that is really important. said Holcomb.

Having worked in international schools in East Africa and South Korea, he said, many elements of the international school community are very much alike no matter where geographically you are in the world.

“I know there’s a lot of excitement about meeting new people and that my boys are meeting people who are more like them, as third culture kids. They are also excited about the opportunities at the international school, especially sports, and of course they are excited about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,” said Holcomb.

He enjoys meeting people and looks forward to getting out in the field and meeting students, faculty, parents and the wider community. “As a leader, you have to come in and spend a lot of time listening, and so the goal of my first year will be to do a lot of listening. I look forward to meeting the community that I’ve heard so much about,” said Holcomb.

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