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Karnataka Hijab Line Live Updates:

Students walk out of their school after a teacher asked them to take off their “hijab” in Bangalore on Saturday. (PTI)

On Sunday evening, a multi-faith peace committee in Udupi led by the local BJP MP agreed to ensure that Friday’s High Court interim order would only be enforced in educational establishments which have prescribed uniforms for students – as the court said.

The decision of the peace committee confirms that students of Udupi are free to wear the hijab in schools and colleges which do not have rules on wearing uniforms. Officials said the move would help reduce tensions over the issue. The state Department of Undergraduate Education does not mandate uniforms for its colleges, but some individual government colleges have followed their own rules in mandating uniforms.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah convened a meeting of the Congress Legislative Party on Monday to discuss strategy for the session.

“Although the issue is in the High Court of Karnataka, our party plans to challenge the failure of the BJP government to maintain law and order during the row of hijab-saffron shawls on college campuses across the country. State. We will also demand an explanation from the government on the declaration of vacancies for colleges until February 16,” Congress sources told The Indian Express.

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