Kendrick Bourne, his teammates react to his first TD pitch “since high school”

Charity please? Why choose one when you can have both?

That was certainly the case when Kendrick Bourne threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor in Sunday’s 54-13 win over the Jets. It was an exciting game that showed how much the Patriots try to get everyone involved on offense.

While we’ve seen former college quarterback Jakobi Meyers pass in the past, Bourne’s pass was unexpected. After the game, Bourne said it had been years since he threw a pass in a game, but was ready to come back on it to help the team.

“I think it was in high school. It was just a crazy feeling, man. To be able to be versatile like that for my team,” Bourne said. “Being a threat, getting all these setbacks, and stuff like that, just doing my job well, man. Getting ready for other things from what we showed, so it was just a dope game. “

As the Patriots spread love around, David Andrews was asked if he could start making his case to pitch a pass in a game soon. He said, in short, don’t hold your breath while waiting for this to happen.

“If that ever happens, we’re in big trouble guys,” Andrews said.

Andrews has made it clear that while the sleight of hand is fun, the team does them regularly. When the call comes in, everyone is ready to run, and that is exactly what they did on Sunday.

“We work on it a lot, so when we call them it’s not a big deal. We put a lot of time and effort into it,” he said. “It’s a great execution from KB and Nelly [Nelson Agholor] and big Mike [Onwenu] who had a big game to cut the defensive end there. Everyone performed and did their job. “

Quarterback Mac Jones said adding plays like this to get rid of an opponent only makes the offense stronger.

“I think it just adds another variable to our attack. Josh [McDaniels] did a great job of plotting, and I’m not going to give away all of our stuff, but I think there are some good ones, ”Jones said. “Sometimes we run them, sometimes we don’t, and that just adds up as a third element of the game. KB gave it a nice little throw and a good party.”

You can watch the full game in all its glory below.

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