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For the publisher,

The Parthenon recalls that Nashville was known for its education before being recognized as both the city of music and the Silicon Valley of healthcare. Nashville earned this nickname by having established numerous institutions of higher education and by being the first city in the southern United States to establish a public school system.

While I was a professor at Belmont, I was asked to be part of a panel in Washington, DC with two local healthcare CEOs to discuss how Nashville became the Silicon Valley of healthcare. and I mentioned that our educational institutions and the entrepreneurial spirit coming from the music industry were two key ingredients.

Our education system follows an industrial age approach of batch processing students through a cohort system which worked well during the expansion of the industrial age but is perhaps less suited to the information age. and current technology. The industrial-age “one-size-fits-all” approach works well for the minority of students for whom the glass slipper fits, but not so well for others. As students move closer to careers and professions in high school and post-secondary education, we should experiment with new models and pathways to success based on the following guiding principles.

Student centricity – Post-secondary education should offer more flexibility and options through stacked credentials compared to the current model of a single four-year degree.

Supported employer – Employer engagement from secondary level through to post-secondary education through apprenticeship has proven successful in Europe and elsewhere.

Kelvin Ault


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