Local high school teacher donates kidney to someone in need

NILES, Mich. (WNDU) – When high school science teacher Elizabeth Gunn learned that a close friend was suffering from kidney failure without a compatible family member, she didn’t hesitate to get tested and to see if she could help him.

“It was just obvious to me. If you could help someone, if you could save someone’s life, who wouldn’t? That’s kind of how I felt. I mean, I didn’t even have to think about it. My immediate response was yes, ”Gunn said.

It sounded too good to be true when the results arrived, showing that she was a great candidate for a kidney transplant.

“I was super excited. I wanted to scream and scream and jump up and down and celebrate. We’re not blood related at all, but apparently we’re as close as sisters can be, ”Gunn said.

As a biology teacher at a local high school, Gunn says this will be a unique educational opportunity for his students.

“It’s relevant in the real world. I can share this with my students. It’s a great story, especially for a biology professor, ”Gunn said.

Gunn’s friends call her a superhero for helping save someone’s life, but Gunn says she’s doing just the right thing.

“Why wouldn’t I do that?” Why don’t I bring her joy and happiness and a chance to live her life with her children and her future, ”Gunn said.

Gunn says she’s feeling nerves as she approaches transplant surgery next week, but she just hopes her story inspires others to make this gesture of faith and consider donating a person’s organ. in need.

“It’s been quite a journey and quite an eye-opening process, and I’m happy to share my story if it gets more attention and attracts more living donors.

Gunn is due for a kidney transplant next Tuesday at the University of Toledo Medical Center.

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