Local Oklahoma media sues the University of Oklahoma to release the findings of a high-profile investigation

NORMAN, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Local media outlet NonDoc is suing the University of Oklahoma on Thursday over a bid to release the findings of two high-profile investigations.

The documents sought are the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against former university president David Boren. The other is a financial misconduct investigation involving donor data where the school allegedly overstated former student donations. This caused the university to lose its best college ranking in 2019. Very few details on the two surveys have been made public.

David Boren

Tres Savage with NonDoc said the school was invoking Oklahoma law, saying the investigation documents were exempt under the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Savage and NonDoc disagree, saying the school is not enforcing the law properly. NonDoc tried two years ago to file its open case request for results, but was denied by email.

“We are simply asking for the release of clearly public documents produced with dollars from the University of Oklahoma regarding very serious allegations,” Savage said. “What does the OU have to hide in these reports?” “

Savage said they were denied their request for open cases the same day Boren resigned as a professor at the university.

“He de facto admitted some kind of guilt,” Savage said.

Very wild

The university is currently silent. They sent KFOR a statement which can be read in full below.

“It is not the university’s practice to comment on pending litigation. OU is aware of the lawsuit and will respond if necessary.


“It shouldn’t be left to me to say to people, ‘Hey, here’s a little bit of what we know.’ They have a report on it. I think the public deserves to take a look at it, ”said Savage. “Average taxpayers and residents of the state capital of Oklahoma have questions. “

Now Savage and NonDoc are just hoping the legal system will bring the whole story to light.

“It’s hard to keep people’s trust when you keep things private,” Savage said.

Savage said he graduated from college and his father taught there for 35 years.

“I would be the first person to help them turn the page to the new chapter, if we just read the previous pages,” he said.

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