Longmeadow school committee reflects on end of school year

LONGMEADOW – At the Longmeadow School Committee meeting on June 8, Clerk Kevin Shea greeted everyone who helped make high school graduation so special this year.

“It was a ton of work for everyone involved and we know there were a lot of people behind the scenes,” he said. “Everything the seniors have been through this year, it was such a blessing that they had such a great graduation day. It was a big party with wonderful speeches and musical performances.

Vice President Bronwyn Monahan added, “I found graduation to be excellent and went very well. Congratulations to all the graduates and good luck to them in their future endeavors.

The committee then put forward a motion to approve the revised 2021-2022 school calendar eliminating the professional development day that was scheduled for March 18, 2022 and moved the last day of school to June 15, 2022 if there is not. school days / snow days. .

Regarding snowy days, Superintendent Mr. Martin O’Shea said Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley had not indicated whether the Massachusetts Department of Secondary Education would allow distance learning days to count as school days when districts experience inclement weather. If this option is given to school districts, the matter will be taken to the school committee for decision or direction.

During the meeting, the committee approved the facility use request for Cars of Longmeadow, a car show for lupus research to use the parking lot at Longmeadow High School on July 25.

In addition, the committee approved the budget for fiscal year 2022 as revised and dated June 4, 2021 in the amount of $ 38.9 million with a general fund allocation of $ 36.4 million.

After going into executive session to discuss contractual actions, the committee returned to public session where it decided to allow Longmeadow public schools to observe the June 17th public holiday with a day off and offices closed on June 18th. June without loss of pay for employees all year round.

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