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– Louisiana continues to see major racial gaps in which students take high school classes to earn college credit, an education consultant told public school and college leaders.

The Advocate reports that the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Board of Regents received a report showing that 22% of black students take courses known as dual enrollment courses, compared to 42% of white students.

The percentage of students enrolled in courses declines as the percentage of black students in a school increases, according to data from Adam Lowe, a consultant with the Education Strategy Group.

The first annual dual enrollment report was released on Wednesday at a meeting between the Council for Elementary and Secondary Education, which oversees public schools from kindergarten to grade 12, and the Board of Regents, the Board of development of state higher education policies.

“To develop talent and close equity gaps in higher education, all high schools, school systems, colleges and universities need a much greater intention and commitment to harness these successful programs for the benefit of students. students of color, those from low-income households, first-generation students and students in special education, ”the report says.

Heads of state are trying to make dual-enrollment courses more prevalent, as Louisiana has long lagged behind other states in the number of high school students who graduate from college , according to The Advocate. Studies show that high school students who take courses are more likely to enroll and complete college.

During the 2018-19 school year, the last school year before the coronavirus pandemic, 32% of public high school graduates took at least one course with double registration.

Lowe said eight public school systems have double attendance of 50% or more of his students: the parish districts of Avoyelles, Caldwell, Grant, Red River, St. John the Baptist, St. James, St. James, St. Martin and St. Tammany.

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