Malden Teen Gets A Full Ride To Framingham State

MALDEN, MA — When an admissions counselor at Framingham State called Wendy Pierre from Malden to tell her he didn’t have to worry about paying for college or housing for the next four years, he said. was shocked.

“It’s a huge opportunity,” Pierre told Patch in an interview Thursday afternoon. “My family is really excited for me. They keep congratulating me and telling me what a huge accomplishment this is.”

Pierre said he felt behind when he started his senior year last fall at Malden High School. Despite the multiple college courses he had taken since his sophomore year and the fact that he had already completed most of the credits required to graduate from high school, he did not feel like he had made enough progress on the academic front. .

He scheduled his senior year classes sparsely enough to spend hours a day at the College and Career Center, where his counselors helped him understand everything he needed for his college applications — especially the most important tests.

“It was a lot of tweaking, going around to all my different teachers getting feedback,” Pierre told Patch. He knew he should pass his dissertation as an aspiring English student.

The prestigious Mancuso Scholarship at Framingham State University is the result of a generous financial commitment of $2.5 million from English professor Halcyon Mancuso in 2018. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, housing, and meals for its recipients for four years. Only two are awarded each year.

Mancuso designed the scholarship to emphasize career preparation. To maintain his scholarship, Pierre will need to participate in at least two internships before graduating and maintain his GPA equal to or greater than 3.0, among other requirements.

Scholarship applicants must choose to major in English or some humanities/social and behavioral sciences at FSU or they will not be considered. Fortunately, Pierre knew he wanted to study English from the start.

“My most widespread connections have always been with my English teachers,” Pierre told Patch.

It is because of these professors that he is also considering a minor in secondary education. He has always found joy in reading and writing, and he said he would like to be a teacher to “share that joy with others”.

Pierre will start at Framingham State this fall.

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