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A tough road for community colleges

From May 5 Cody Enterprise

Northwest College administrators have struggled with thorny issues in recent months and are likely to encounter a few more in the years to come.

Between the need to hack the school’s million dollar budget and the reality of declining enrollment, the college has tougher decisions to make.

Two weeks ago, college administrators approved cuts of $ 2.6 million, the majority coming from staff.

In addition to the already reduced faculty, a total of 10 additional positions are being cut in the departments of music, animal sciences, biology, English, education, mathematics, communication and anthropology.

The community college cut a total of 25 positions, including a college vice president.

These cuts come at a time when colleges and universities across the country face the same problems, shrinking budgets and declining enrollment.

In our opinion, community colleges in Wyoming and across the nation should at least consider a different approach to what they offer.

We recognize the role that community colleges play in many cases in preparing students for a four-year college, but it may be time to take a new look at community colleges.

Each community college has yet to deliver the basics, but perhaps each of Wyoming’s seven community colleges could specialize in one or two areas of expertise.

In this scenario, students who already know what profession they want might choose a community college that specializes in that field, whether it’s minerals, communications, or animal science.

These students could then receive a more advanced education in this field.

Not trying to offer everything to each student would reduce the number of departments and the budget while providing a more focused program.

Northwest College isn’t the only educational institution in the United States facing budget cuts and declining enrollment.

Difficult decisions have already been made and more are to come.

We are confident that Wyoming community college administrators will make the right decisions.

– By John Malmberg

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