Memorial High School Name Change Public Hearing September 29 | Local education

“There is a question for me with such reliance on public comments about who really has access to those comments, who has access to this forum, who has access to how it works and what this process is,” teacher of Memorial story and said committee member Amber Janssen.

Memorial student and committee member Eliana Sauer expressed a similar sentiment based on her classmates she spoke with.

“As I have spoken to my peers at Memorial, almost everyone I speak to has the exact same opinion and this is not an opinion that is shared by the majority of public comments,” Eliana said. “The public has an opinion but also the students clearly have a different opinion from that of their parents and former graduates.

The committee also discussed whether naming a building after a person was the right decision, which was part of the reason for including Memorial High School among the options. Janssen said Dahmen was “the best boss I’ve ever had” and “that’s why I’m back at Memorial”, but questioned the legacy any person can have decades from now .

“We are continually learning new things about historical figures and, as we all know about ourselves, we are fallible to say the least,” Janssen said. “My concern about one of the names, not just Bruce, but one of the names, will we have the same problem 50 years from now?” “

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