Minot Public School Board reviews mascot names and ideas for new high school

MINOT, ND — The Minot Public School District is getting closer to naming its new high school on North Hill.

At a school board meeting on Thursday, school officials discussed the top three names and their results in public polls.

The name with the most votes is “Minot North High School” with over 50% of the vote.

“North Star High School” is second with 34%.

“Great Northern High School” came in third with less than 15% of the votes.

The board has yet to make a final decision on the name, but said they would have liked to see more creative names.

“I have a big problem with opening a second high school, in Minot history, to find something that has a little more flavor,” said Jim Rostad, chairman of the Minot Public School Board.

The board also discussed the high school mascot.

The two main mascots are missiles and hawks.

The board members discussed their concerns about having a weapon as a mascot and thought it would be best to change missiles to sentries.

“A number of people have told me that with the missiles, even with the Air Force base, they’re now called the sentries, maybe that’s something to consider,” said Laura Mihalick, vice president of the public school board of Minot.

The school board will send out a new survey next week and hopes more students will participate. It will be a few more weeks before the final mascot and school name are chosen.

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